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Potato Rice

July 2006


  1. Rice 300g
  2. Baby potato 200g
  3. Soy sauce 15ml
  4. Soup stock 5g
  5. Spring onion 5g
  6. (Optional: 150g wine soaked pork fillet or Chinese sausage or any other seasoned meat that you prefer)


1, Wash and cut:

  • Wash baby potato and cut into wedges

  • Rinse rice, soak for over 30 minutes

  • Wash spring onion, discard roots, chop into little rings

  • (Optional) Slice the fillet or sausage or other seasoned meat of your choice if you like to add more flavour

2, Place rice in a rice cooker and soak it in cool water spiced with soy sauce and soup stock, arrange potato wedges on the top, cover and bring to boil;

3, (Optional) When the liquid is nearly drained off, add fillet or sausage slices on the top of the potato wedges;

4, Reduce the heat and simmer until the rice and potato are tender;

5, Dish out and sprinkle the spring onions on top. Now take a deep breath, savour that wonderful refreshing aroma.


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