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A Rock with
Hidden Inscriptions of Mysterious Code

21 May 2006

A rock named "Rising Dragon" near a humble village outside of Linzhou township in Henan Province (see picture 1), China, recently has become a hot tourist attraction. The heart of the fascination is of mysterious inscriptions on the rock, or more precisely, inside the rock.

Picture 1: The location of Henan Province marked in red

This 2-metre tall boulder is neatly split in half as if it was hacked open with giant axe, and on the both sides of the gap, strange symbols that seem like some kind of secret code are clearly visible (see picture 2 & 3).

Picture 2: The rock surfaces that bear mysterious inscriptions, pointed to by the red arrows

Picture 3: The puzzling symbols on the rock at Madizhang Village

According to the local legend, the date when the rock first appeared in the area can be traced back to time immemorial. One day, as the legend would have you believe, the rock split open, giving birth to a dragon who flied out and soared into the heaven – and that is how the name "Rising Dragon" came up. Today, many villagers still revere the stone as a sacred object. As for exactly since when the inscriptions emerged and what the strange symbols stand for, no one can tell.

Some years ago, a group of experts in the relevant fields was invited by the locals to decipher the code. They didn’t succeed however. Right now, the villagers are still hoping that someone will eventually be able to help them unlock the secret of the rock.


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