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Fall for Red Beijing in the Season of Fall

4 November 2006

Beijing is a dry northern city that is depressingly cold in winter and dismally hot in summer while the spring, that ought to be the season of delectation, actually is the most disturbing, as sand storms from the Mongolia desert keep disheartening its spirits.

But autumn is another story entirely, when the sky looks blue, the clouds appear to be white, the air is invisible and the land, rendered by fallen leaves, is in the colour of gold. Yet what makes many people fall for Beijing’s season of fall is its radiant cheery red - with its magic touch this plain-looking lady is transformed into the drop dead beauty queen.

In recent years, Beijing began a project to put a bit more make-ups on the capital, and by now a belt 200 kilometres long with multi-coloured plantations has formed, that is like a bright ribbon adorning the city.

But still, only the Fragrant Hills, located further west of the Summer Palace, could be called the tempting red lips of Beijing. Each year during November the leaves of 90,000 smoke tress turn blazing red like wildfire spreading all over the mountains.

On October 30, the Double Nine Festival, it is reported that about 20,000 people took the journey to the west, although by then only 60 per cent of the leaves were coloured. This weekend, as the pretty woman has finally finished her make-up, there could be even more fans lining up to kiss her lips.

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