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True Story: A Daoist's Other Worldly Encounter
A Monk in A Daoist Temple (2)

19 July 2006

by Monk Danxi

1 A Daoist College

Daoist Wang

Daoist Wang came from a province at the northern tip of China. When he was five-year old, he suffered a grave illness, and was saved by a Chinese Herbal Medicine doctor. The incident left him extremely weak. For helping him regain his vitality, the doctor taught him to do sitting meditation and later, when he learned how to read, instructed him to read The Book of Inner Alchemy. That is how he was introduced to Daoism. Eventually at the age of 19, he was ordained as a Daoist.

A Daoist in White Cloud Temple

Here is our conversation on that day:

Danxi: So you became a Daoist because of that book?

Wang: I wouldn’t say so – I am not a man who would let a book change his life. The reason of my becoming a Daoist is much more complicated. Ever since I was very little, I realised I had a special ability to know people. Whenever I met a person, someone I knew or a total stranger, the key events of his or her life would be displayed in sequence before my eyes, as if I was offered to watch a documentary about that person. When people learned that I had such an unusual gift, they came to me to seek answers to their questions, and rewarded my work with candy or snacks. Being a small boy from a poor family that could not afford anything beyond three rough meals a day, I was only too happy to earn the treat in such an easy way.

Danxi: But frequent use of a supernormal ability is harmful to your health.

Wang: Tell me about it! Look at my hair, in such a sorrowful shape - this is the result of abusing my gift. Back then, I didn’t know I was virtually squandering my viral qi away. And how about you, have you encountered the similar problems?

Danxi: Not really. So far I’ve only experienced inner visions during deep meditation. Normally, I use I Ching, Wonder Gate and Feng Shui methods to address people’s problems. As for higher means such as Wonder Arts (fashu 法术), I know very little of them – they are like magic to me.

Wang: Well, I have some personal experiences with this kind of things. In 1989, I went to Inner Mongolia to study Five Agents Concealment (wuxingdunshu 五行遁术) from a high master.

Danxi: What’s the Five Agents Concealment exactly?

Wang: Simply put, it’s a way to make you disappear in one location and reappear at another location within an instant. Let me give you an example. One day, I went to make a phone call with the high master, and said to my friend on the other end of the line that the master was going to meet him in person. Before my sentence was barely finished, my fried announced to me that the master had arrived. On hearing that, I turned about my head to look at him, but saw nobody there. And I heard the master’s voice coming from the phone.

It wasn’t easy to persuade him to take me in. I begged him hard and long, and he investigated my background and personality thoroughly and meticulously before giving me his final consent. Following his instructions, I practiced diligently for several years in a secluded wildness … and … (his voice trailed off)

Danxi: And now you can disappear from Beijing and reappear in Shanghai in a second, so to speak?

Wang: No! (His voice was cold like ice and hard like steel) I failed, miserably.

Danxi: Why is that?

Wang: Too many interruptions.

Danxi: But, wait … I remember you said you were in a secluded wildness …

Wang: Which only means I was away from people, doesn’t mean I was alone. I had too many visitors from other worlds.

3) Many Worlds and Beyond

(Source of original photo: Beijing Laosu Photo Studio)


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