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New Excavations of
Dinosaurs in China

26 August 2006

At 3 o’clock this afternoon (East China Time), a joined team consisted of the archaeologists from China, America, Canada, Mexico and Briton began excavating two dinosaur fossil sites in the country's northwest region.

Site One:

The site is near the famous "Dinosaur Valley" in Xinjiang Autonomous region, and the fossil is believed to belong to a diplodocus, the most gigantic kind among the plant-eating dinosaurs. It is said that they are the largest animals that have ever lived on earth, and ruled the world during the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods some 150 million years ago. According to the archaeologists on the excavation site the one buried there could be the biggest diplodocus fossil ever found in Asia.

Other major discoveries of the dinosaur fossils in and around the Dinosaur Valley:

  • 1928, lystrosaurus fossil was unearthed.

  • 1987, Asia's largest dinosaur fossil "mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum" was discovered.

  • 2002, the earliest tyrannosaur fossil in this area was found.

Site Two:

It is situated in a barren terrain in Ningxia Autonomous region. And its discovery has to be credited to one man’s stubborn faith in his own perception.

In April 2004, Mr Ma Yun was out to look for hedgehogs to make a special medicine for his friend who was ill. When he entered a secluded area he spotted a big stone resembling a limb. Mr Ma suspected it could be an animal fossil and returned with his friends and neighbours to have another look. They saw the blonder, and a blonder that had no difference to other blonders. So they advised him to contact a proper doctor. But he was a stubborn man, convinced he had perfect eyesight, and brain.

A half year had passed and he was still troubled with that stone, so eventually he contacted the conservation authorities. After initial examinations, the archaeologists conclude that Mr Ma did not just spot an animal fossil, but has discovered a dinosaur’s fossil. And it is not even any other dinosaurs, but a new species that was never known to man before.

And that is how one man’s perseverance sees his name going down in history.

Now the authorities are planning to invite the general public to name the new dinosaur spices.

The location of Xinjiang (Site 1) highlighted in red colour,
and the location of Ninxia (Site 2) highlighted in blue colour


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