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Love and Dating in China

19 August 2006

Who says Chinese are less romantic than others? Look how many sexy festivals China has:

Valentine’s Day on February 14: It is now widely accepted by the urban Chinese, celebrated with flowers, chocolates and a candle-lit dinner. But it gets no luck in vast countryside in which 80 percent of population live. Some remote rural areas just start running electricity, and the villagers would wonder what’s the fun in going back to candles.

Qixi, Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar July 7: It begins to be considered as the China's answer to the Italian-style romance. But instead of having a priest as a matchmaker, Chinese have a god as a matchbreaker.

White Valentine’s Day on March 14: This year a gift shop owner in Fujian Province became the first Chinese to realise that when Valentine shouted, the echo would return after one month.

Bachelors Day on November 11: A new invention by young Chinese. It sounds anti-romantic, but in fact it is like a nation-wide Bachelor’s Party and harbours a romantic hope that let tonight be the last lonely night.


Bachelor Day's Party

Couples Day on February 22: Another recent invention by China’s young. Bachelor Day’s dream has been fulfilled.

Then there are numerous dating activities:

"1 Minute Dating" - A great leap forward from the slow Western version of "8 Minutes Dating". Why 8 minutes when 1 minute can do the trick, Chinese say. It might be reasonable, considering there are much more singles out there in China than in any other country. You have to speed up your selection process, haven’t you?

"3 to 3" - A leap further forward from "1 minute", which is not only great but revolutionary. Spend one minute dating one person? So time consuming! Let’s have three guys and three girls dating together, that way each can date three simultaneously.

"5 to 5" - A mass improvement to "3 to 3". Five guys and five girls, all at once, more efficient naturally.

"One to All" - An ultimate way of dating. By wearing a handmade black wristband embroidered with the red capital letter M for English word Marry, you can advertise your intention to marry to whomever you meet. It first appeared in Shanghai in May, and has flourished since Chinese Valentine’s Day. Now there are estimated 2000 plus wrists with a black band in Shanghai alone.

Apparently not only China's economy is in the fast lane, its love and dating have also entered the highway.

"Love you a little, my feeling is shallow… " (“不爱那么多只爱一点点,别人的爱情像海深我的爱情浅…”) - The lyric of a pop song has vividly portrayed a fast-food style romance in today’s China.


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