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The Biggest Breasts
in the World

9 August 2006

If you travel down the highway from Zhenfeng county town in Guizhou province, southwest of China, soon you’ll see two gigantic breasts against the backdrop of a blue sky. The breasts spread over an area of 40 acres, overlooking an expansive landscape of the farmland, with the tips over 1260 metres above sea level. Their resemblance to human breasts is so uncanny that you might think there is a legendry lady giant lying there naked, or they are mountain sculptures of Chinese style. Yet the truth is they are neither organic nor artificial, but works of Mother Nature.

And the wonderment does not stop here. What’s most fascinating is that two hills vividly portrait the breasts that reflect the different ages of a woman.

When you look at the hills from Guanfengting Pavilion by the road, you’ll see a pair of firm breasts belonging to a teenager girl. But if you keep walking another 500 metres, you’ll find the breasts round off into an adult shape. And if you go further along the path, eventually you’ll face the sagging breasts of a 60-year old woman.

In their local mythology of the Zhenfeng residents who are mainly ethnic Buyi people, the breasts are sacred. Below is a couplet inscribed on a post of the pavilion, which honours Mother Nature's great bosom:

Feeding the sky the earth the spirits,
Nurturing the sun the moon the clouds.



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