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A Boy with a Baby Girl

6 September 2006

When poor village boy Hong Zhanhui was just 12-year old, his dad became mentally ill, his mum disappeared, and he had to look after himself, frequently going to school with empty stomach. And if that wasn't hard enough for a little boy to endue, one day, his dad brought home a baby girl abandoned by her own mum despite he knew with his mental condition he was not capable of looking after her. What would you do if you were the boy? Let her stave and cry, because you barely had enough food to eat yourself?

The choice the boy made was astonishing: He went out begging for milk to feed her.

Since then, to the baby girl he was mom, dad and big brother all-in-one. He bathed her, nursed her, and collected wild herbs to feed her and himself. Once he was badly injured when climbing a tree to look for bird eggs for the baby, yet which did not cause him to quit his duty as a carer, nor stopped him going to school.

Ten years later, when he passed his tertiary entrance exam and went to university, he brought his sister with him, taking part time jobs to support both of them.

After his story was spread out over the Internet, he quickly became one of the most popular figures in China. Last week, he was invited to meet some young people in the Inner Mongolia. He went, along with his sister and his sweetheart of high school days. On Thursday night, with the bliss of his hospitable Mongol hosts, in a tent set on the wild prairie land under a star-studded dark blue sky, the young couple were formally engaged.

On the simple ceremony, they sang a song by a Mongol singer titled Heaven:


Where is Heaven? Heaven is in your sight;
Where is Heaven? Heaven is in my heart.

Hong's girlfriend, Hong Zhanhui today, the baby girl today

“我们3个就是吉祥如意的一家! ”
"We three make a happy family!"


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