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The Joke of the Universe

11 October 2006

Jackie Chan's latest film The Baby Plan
is one of the best box office hits in China during the National Day/Moon Day holiday

When Mr. Chen Shuibian was re-elected as the president of Taiwan immediate after the event of belly shooting, Jackie Chan reportedly branded the democracy of Taiwan style A Joke of Sky Proportion (天大的笑话), with which he made himself quite unpopular in Taiwan.

But before long many people in Taiwan apparently indeed believe that they have made a fool of themselves by electing an alleged theft accomplice. And they rose in rebellion. Yet a defiant Mr Chen did not budge.

Taiwan has descended into chaos ever since. The people are divided along the colour lines, into the blues, the greens and the oranges; and along the time lines, into the categories of the natives, the earlier settlers and the later migrants.

The authentic Taiwan natives are ethnic Gaoshan people, who have long been pushed to earn a living off unfertile land in deep mountains. The majority of the members of the so-called native party Minjindang, are actually the descendants of the earlier settlers from Fujian province, that includes Chen Shuibian. After pushed the aborigines into the margin, some of the descendants of the earlier settlers portrait themselves as the indigenous people and turn against the later comers who are mainly from other parts of China. Imagine this kind of farce occurs in America or Australia, where the white settlers claim they are the natives and they have the right to discriminate the new migrants … Bet they would be condemned by the whole world.

A party, that is based on a bold lie about its true identity and has been working tirelessly on dividing the society into opposing groups and openly discriminates against those who do not belong to it, has hardly anything in common with the principles of the Democracy. In fact, its ascending to the power in itself is the biggest mockery and ridicule to the Taiwan’s democratic progress. If a ritual of voting alone, even a fraud voting, constitutes democracy, then the value of the democracy may should be reassessed.

So Jackie Chan upgraded Taiwan style democracy to The Joke of the Universe (宇宙的笑话)

Yesterday, on the national day ceremony, Mr. Chen gave a solemn speech in which he accused the Chinese government of not listening to what people have to say ("being a dictator") and of making threats of violence against Taiwan.

During his talk, the parliament blues (the representatives of the opposition party) and the parliament greens (the representatives of the governing party) were once again engaging in violent exchanges of punches and grunts. It was quite a show when those middle-aged men and women fought tooth and nail, literally, as if they were a bunch of kindergarten tots: pulling hairs, grabbing collars … mommy, mommy, he slapped my wrinkled face … daddy, daddy, she kicked my beer tummy.

Democracy of Taiwan Style:
Democracy or Democrazy?

Around the group-fighting scene, over a million reds (people in red outfit) repeated their daily demand that Mr. Chen must quit his office, to which Mr. Chen has refused to listen for months, and determined not to listen, not in the foreseeable future.

A leader to his people: I'm here, catch me if you can

So for the foreseeable future, the folks in Taiwan will have to endure a "dictator" who refuses to listen to what people have to say, and live under the threat of violence that could erupt at any moment on the parliament floor.

Wonder what Jackie Chan has to say now, ‘cause there seems no room for a further upgrade. Beyond universe, what else?

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