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Out with the Ghost, In with the Moon

8 September 2006

The roundest and brightest moon usually can only be observed on Lunar August 16. But since this year is a leap year with double July month, the second July 16 (September 8) is the day when the moon has its best evening appearance of the year.

As Bailu (white Dew, one of 24 Solar Terms when the Sun is at the celestial longitude of 165°) falls on September 8, the best full moon day also marks the end to a ghost month. The summer vacation is over for the roaming yin beings.

A Mother in Grieving

Ever since gave birth to twins, first time mom Yaya didn’t get much chance to catch up on her sleep. Whenever a baby sounded "geegeegee", she would at once get the meal ready. After worked 56 straight hours on nursing without a break, she eventually dozed off and her giant body slowly weighted down on the baby still sucking her breast.

When she woke up, she found her arms were empty. She didn’t know the little one was crashed to death by her body weight and the corpse had long been taken away. The desperate young mother searched the garden repeatedly until the night fell. When the zoo keepers called her, the giant panda slowly raised her head, eyes full of tears – she eventually realised what had happened. (Source of info: 新华网)

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Go West

An official with China’s education department revealed recently, that in 2006, there will be estimated 18 thousand university graduates going to backward west regions and working as special village schoolteachers.


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