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300 Thousand Foreigners Working in Shanghai

6 September 2006

According to the figures released by Shanghai authorities, currently there are 300,000 foreigners living and working in Shanghai on a permanent basis, with short-term overseas visitors to the city reaching 3 million a year. The number of foreign students enrolling in the local universities also grows rapidly. Fudan University, for instance, has more than 5000 students from overseas.

While the majority of the foreign workers believe that in respect of city management Shanghai still has some catch-up to do, they think its jubilant and upbeat nightlife is unmatchable by most cities in the world.

China’s Aging Population Reaches 100 Million

The latest sample survey shows that by the end of year 2005, for the first time in history the number of China’s aging population (aged 65 or over) has broken the 100 million mark, that is about 7.7 percent of the total population. (Source: 新华网)

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A Monk Saved A Nun

Monday lunchtime in Fujian Province, a young nun went up to a crossover highway and sat on the fence with an obvious intention to jump down. As police tried to work out how to coax her off the fence, and below on the streets, the crowds looked up pondering what would happen next, a monk jumped out of his car. Before anyone had realised what was going on, he dashed over and grabbed the nun off the fence and carried her to the safe hand of police.

It happened that the monk was driving past the cross section. When he spotted the scene, he immediately figured out what was going on and acted without hesitation.

May be Chinese police should be trained in monasteries.


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