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The Best and the Worst of Shanghai

7 August 2006

According to a local survey published yesterday, nearly 90 percent of overseas business people rank Shanghai as the most desirable city to invest and live in China. But at the same time, one in two believes that the rental price for office is too high, and one in three thinks the property cost is the biggest constrain hindering Shanghai’s further development. Last year the top-market office rents was around $0.84 per sqm, now it hits $1 sqm, that is 15 percent of annual increase.

Disneyland in Shanghai

US Walt Disney Co is reportedly working to build a first mainland Disneyland in Chuansha district, a newly developed area in the east of Shanghai, and the theme part is said will be opened in 2010 to coincide with the city’s World Expo 2010. Some local residents claim they’ve already seen the drawings of the land use, transportation and infrastructure plans.

New Railway from Tibet to Yunnan

The chief engineer for Qinghai-Tibet railway disclosed yesterday that a new railway to link the Tibetan capital Lhasa and Yunnan capital Hunming will be complete before 2020.

A Qingdao Man's Night Adventure

A Qingdao man went out for a drink last Sunday night and got drunk. He returned home after midnight, and like what he normally did, kicked open the door. Without switching on the light, he stumbled his way to the bedroom that he shared with his wife and crashed down on the bed. The woman lying next to him was so shocked. So was a man next to the woman. The man immediately dialled 110 and called police. The police arrived on the scene and detained the drunken man. Next morning when the drunkard became sober, he was ordered to apologise to the couple, because he went into the wrong house and climbed onto the wrong bed.

Welcome to Visit Our Construction Site, Just Don’t Forget to Purchase Your Entry Ticket!

According to a report by Beijing’s Jing Bao newspaper, four major tourist destinations in the city are charging visitors full price (50 yuan) while the historical buildings currently being closed for maintenance work. Mr Sun traveled with his family to Beijing to visit the Summer Palace, but what he saw was the enclosure walls that blocked off the views to the heart of the attraction: The Terrace of Fragrant Buddha and The Long Corridor.

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Praise Fate Upon Arrest

Ms Zhao Shunyi was the chief director of China’s National Children’s Centre, and had been investigated for alleged bribery. On May 15, she was formally charged. When the police went to her home and showed her the warrant of arrest, she made a highly excited exclamation, not cursing her ill fate but praising a wonder pedant. "So darn accurate! So darn accurate! (真准!真准!)", she kept saying. It turned out that she visited a fortune-teller sometime earlier and was given a blessed pedant, on which an inscription read: "If you can stay safe beyond May 15, you’ll be all right." She carried the pedant with her day and night, and everything seemed to be fine for a while. But on May 13, when taking shower she accidentally dropped the pendant in water, as the result the inscription became rather obscure. The next day she was arrested.


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