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An Artificial Sun Rising in China

29 September 2006

Chinese scientists have successfully tested new generation of the Artificial Sun (Experimental Advanced SuperconductingTokamak) using deuterium atoms yesterday (September 28). It has reportedly reached a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius for nearly three seconds.


The technology has a potential to provide energy for commercial uses for billions of years, which would ultimately ease the tension caused by the oil shortage, as well as reduce an overall pollution level globally.

The reactor is an improvement over China's first superconducting Tokamak device built in partnership with Russia in the early 90s.

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Forgot to Learn the Basics

A three-year old Chinese toddler in Tianjin is so clever that he can recite over a hundred ancient poems of Tang Dynasty, and make a self-introduction in English. But while this talented little boy learned how to be well-versed and multi-lingua, he forgot to learn how to eat, drink and pee.

Of course, that wasn’t an issue when he stayed at home when he never had a chance to experience hunger and thirsty – his drinking and meal times are closely monitored by his devoted granny. In fact he was so stuffed, that as soon as he spotted food, he would ran away, leaving his poor granny to chase after him. When he was caught, he would be fed with one spoon of food, which gave him energy to run away again and the granny had to resume her pursuit. It is a daily farce in the family and each mealtime would last for an hour. And the same goes with the drink and toilet. No wonder when he’s in the kindergarten he’s totally lost. - How come no one chase me around here? What if I really get hungry, I mean really?

It is reported that in China little citizens with highly developed mental abilities and underdeveloped physical skills are not in a small number.


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