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Shanghai’s No.1 Boss Purged

26 September 2006

Shanghai’s top chief Mr. Chen Liangyu was purged and placed under house arrest (双规) on Monday. He is accused of playing a part in the city’s 3.2 billion yuan pension fund scandal, helping associated private businesses to generate illegal profits and hindering the corruption probes into his key allays.

Some years ago, one of his friends was given a free hand to redevelop Shanghai’s old residential areas, and later was imprisoned for serious crimes including bribery and illegal trade practice.

It is exactly thirty years ago, in the fall of 1976, when the Gang of Four in Beijing along with its Shanghai representatives – the top boss Mr Ma Tianshui and his two deputies Ms Wang Xiuzhen and Mr Xu Jinxian - were arrested. And the Gang of Four is actually the Gang of Shanghai: Madam Jiang Qing (then China’s first lady) used to be a Shanghai film actress, Zhang Chunqiao and Yao Wenyuan had background as Shanghai journalists, while Wang Hongwen was initially a Shanghai factory worker.

In the recent decade, Shanghai leadership with its links in Beijing are once again viewed as the Gang of Shanghai and widely resented for being overbearing. It is said that earlier when the Central Government tried to reign in the over-heated property development in Shanghai, Chen Liangyu resisted, and banged the table during a hot argument with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

After the news of Chen’s fall announced, majority of Shanghai residents are reported to be delighted, some sounded firecrackers in front of Shanghai government buildings. And applause are heard everywhere across the Chinese Internet forums and blogs.

Top Ten Thugs in Chinese Internet

In Chinese Internet world, thug software, along with virus and hacking, are three "axis of evils". The Chinese Net world is full of pop-ups, automatic downloads that refuse to be uninstalled.

Eight Chinese cities led by capital Beijing are now taking actions against thug software promoted by some Chinese Internet giants. Website Wangyi Science compiled a blacklist of top ten Internet thugs that use plugins to push up their PR rank, which includes some web search sites and social networking sites.

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Hollywood Is not My Destination

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi, one of the most celebrated Chinese actresses, said recently in an interview that she would leave the movie industry after she gets married so she could devote to her family.

When asked about her plan with Hollywood, she replied that it is not her destination. There aren’t many suitable roles for her to play over there, said she.

She’s not alone. Most Chinese actors working in Hollywood think their future is with Chinese film industry. So far, in most Hollywood-produced films, Chinese are either portrayed unfavourably or as neglectable supporting characters.


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