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Meet in Historical Nanjing

23 September 2006

Late yesterday afternoon, the 2006 World Historical City Expo opened with a grand ceremony in Nanjing in front of the 600-year old city gate built in the Ming Dynasty. In the sound of inverted bells and drum ruffles coming from the watch towers, a pair of fire arrows shot to the ancient city wall, and in the air the cold flame shaped two Chinese characters that read: "Welcome" (欢迎).

After the ritual, a fleet of boats decorated in a traditional manner were rowed ashore by girls in the costume of classic Boat Lady the Qinhui River (秦淮船娘), picking up PIVs that included the 53 city mayors from home and overseas. On the bank by an ancient bridge, young men began playing erhu (二胡) Spring in Jiangnan (江南春), and children started dancing to the tune of Song of Flowering Landerns (花灯谣). By the time the boats arrived before the Confucius Temple, 60 lads approached the VIP at measured pace of the antiquated fashion to present an embroidered brocade.

Nanjing city has about 2,500 years of history and was a capital for six dynasties, namely East Wu, East Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen and Ming.

I’ll Pay You 10 Yuans to Attend a Lecture,
But Male Only


A university student in China put up a job advertisement saying: "Looking for someone willing to attend lectures, 10 yuans for a session, male only."

Why male only? Because the boss is male. Why does it matter? Because the employee is hired to be the impostor of the employer to answer teacher’s roll call, so the boss himself can travel to other city to work for someone else.

Pretty smart, hie?

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Hacker Is Here! Catch Me If You Can

September 21 is the day when the IT giants met in China for the Internet Forum on, among many other issues, anti-hacking. Ironically, it is also the day when 20 percent of China-based Websites disappeared from the scene of the virtual world, the result of an unprecedented large-scale attack on a major Chinese root domain name service server. It is estimated that about 100,000 websites were unable to visit for as long as up to 18 hours.

Sometime earlier, the biggest local search engine Baidu was also under attack.

The hacker’s guts seem well matched with his skills. In a public statement he declared that these are just couple of test runs for a big action. You guys want to stop hackers? Well, "HACKER IS RIGHT HERE!" he announced solemnly.


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