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Confucian? Too Confusion!

12 September 2006

A Shanghai sishu in traditional Chinese fashion
One of Confucian’s great contributions to the mankind is his promotion of equal opportunity in education, so that everyone can have a chance to rise in the society through his own effort.

September 10 is Teacher’s Day in mainland China, while Hong Kong, Taiwan and UN-sponsored programs make September 28, the birthday of Confucian, the Teacher’s Day. When some experts suggested that mainland China should follow suit, a spokesperson for China’s Education Department responded by saying it is too difficult to change because the current arrangement has been in existence for more than 20 years and people grow used to it (wonder what happens to Chinese New Year’s Day, it changes every year).

Late last month a spokeswoman for the department publicly declaimed that family-run school (sishu 私塾) should be banded because in which students won’t be able to learn patriotism.

Sishu is said to be started by Confucian and had been the dominant educational system until early last century when the public school system were introduced into China form the West.

It must be a miracle that China held together over the millennia in face of constant external threats while Chinese were utterly ignorant of patriotism.

We Become Poor, Because We Have A Child at School

Half of the poor Chinese families list school fees as the main cause of their poverty. To an ordinary family, school fees count for nearly 30 per cent of the total family budget, a study by China’s Lingdian survey company revealed.

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Face Value

A private hospital in Nanjing put out a promotional post next to the entrance yesterday. On the post it declares that any patient who is a lookalike to a doctor serving in the hospital or an entertainment star will be eligible for 30 to 90 per cent of discount on his or her medical bills.

Maybe it’s an opportunity for plastic surgeons to open their new clinics next to the hospital.


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