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A Lost Tang Poem Rediscovered

10 September 2006


Once depart, a thousand miles apart,
The end of the separation, is not in sight,
A month, thirty days straight,
Not a single night, you’re not in my mind.

The pot with the poem

This fine Tang poem wasn’t known to public until very recently. When a porcelain pot of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) was examined for an auction that is held at Beijing International Hotel on September 7 -10, the dealers noticed a verse inscribed on the pot. However the verse is not included in the Complete Collection of Tang Poems (《全唐诗》).

Thanks to the pot, so we have a chance to read this poem today.

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How Old Is Hangzhou


Above there is Heaven,
Below we have Suzhou and Hangzhou.

This is an old proverb that praises the tender beauty and scholarly quality of two Jiangnan cities. Both have a long history, but just how old are they exactly.

Suzhou has its city walls and a water gate to prove its two thousand years of existence. How about Hangzhou, is it as old as Suzhou?

Now it is official, or it is claimed to be. According to a new research by historians and other relevant experts, Hangzhou city was first built in 221 BC during the reign of the First Emperor Qin (秦始皇) - said the chief of Hangzhou on Saturday. Which means the city is 2,227-year old.


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