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Heaven Bless the Dragon

4 December 2006

There are three towering kung fu stars, namely Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li - two dragon heroes (Lee Little Dragon 李小龙 and Chan Dragon 成龙) plus a heroic go between (Li Link Hero 李连杰). However, unlike the Three Tenors on the opera stage (Lucianno Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and the Other Guy), these three never get chance to perform together.

But this is about to change.

To start with, in a new Hollywood movie, Jackie Chan and Jet Li are to play disciple and master respectively. Maybe that prompts Jackie Chan to realise that age is no barrier to master-hood on the kung fu screens - if Jet Li can be his master, then what stops him to be Bruce Lee’s master?

And that is said precisely what he is going to do. Or what other people try to make him to do.

On Saturday, December 2, China’s Central Television Station announced that it had secured the permission from Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee (李香凝), the day before to produce a TV series with 40 episodes on the life of the invincible dragon hero. It also revealed that Jackie Chan is considered the best candidate to play Bruce Lee’s kung fu teacher.

Bruce Lee's daughter: Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is said not satisfied with all those earlier versions, and wished this one could make a difference. But she knows it won't be an easy call, as she is fully aware that some of China's TV guys have a passion or habit to fictionalise the history.

But she is determined not to allow this new opportunity to be spoiled and says she and her mother will personally review the script page-by-page, particularly when it comes to Bruce Lee’s emotional issues. Hopefully she will succeed and the China dragon will not be reduced to a snake (or a panda, a rooster, a phoenix). Heaven bless the dragon!

He looks like Bruce Lee, talks like Bruce Lee, according to Shannon Lee. But he’s not Bruce Lee.

Chen Guokun will play Bruce Lee in the TV series.

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