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Jackie Chan Becomes Jet Li’s Disciple

3 November 2006

It’s confirmed.

After all, Jackie Chan is not a Daoist immortal, but a Buddhist monk with a checked history of being a river monster. When he realised how awful was to be a man-eater, he bagged Jet Li’s to take him as disciple, and has been successfully transformed into a strict vegetarian. But he doesn’t have the power to protect the master, as Monkey King does. Nor does he have the ability to entertain the master, as Piggsy does. So he offers himself to be a porter and carries Jet Li’s luggage whenever he goes.

But saintly Jet Li has another face – a naughty monkey. So here are questions: when Tripitaka chants on beads to cause Magic Monkey headache, should it be considered as self-abuse? And when the master banishes the monkey from the travel group, is it an act of self-exile?

Hummmm … these are something yet to be confirmed.

Don’t you think this naughty monkey is super cute?

In a new Hollywood movie, Jackie Chan will take the role of Sandy and Jet Li is to play both the master monk and the disciple monkey.

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