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A Nationwide
Bachelor’s Party

12 November 2006

November 11 (11-11) is China’s Bachelor’s Day (GuangGunJie 光棍节), and bachelors once again make sure that on this day their presence be felt and voice be heard all over the country.

In the beginning it might just mean to be a self-mockery about being left alone in the climate of widespread campus love affairs. But in recent couple of years, it has evolved into a nationwide carnival, celebrating the youth and freedom while looking for the opportunities to tie the knot.

And the BD (or GGJ) has now got what it takes to be a true festival.

It has its brand image: 4 frying sticks (油条) and a bun (包子).

11-11 (November 11)

It has its activity format: If outdoor, then picnic or barbecue, complete with a kindergarten-style playground game "hawk catching chicks"; If indoor, then mask dance or Karaoke, yelling out the theme song "Happy Bachelor".

It has its theme slogan: Let every bachelor find his lover! (让光棍节成为情人节!)

It has its social impact: It is reported that on November 11 more people got married than any other day since the National Day, October 1.

It has its commercial appeals: Breakfast stores around the university campus prepared Bachelor’s Day breakfast special: four frying sticks and a frying egg, all just for 5 yuans.

A study released by yingcaiwang shows that the single population has grown rapidly in recent years. In IT industry it is said that one in every four is unattached. Of the singles, according to the study, only a little more than 4 percent are out of their own choice. Which means the majority are in fact reluctant singles, either due to economic constrains or as the result of demanding career commitments.

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