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Bald Artist’s Bold Exhibition

8 October 2006

The first private art gallery in China called Arts Today (今日美术馆) welcomed its first visitor on Saturday. Situated in Beijing, the main structure of the gallery was conveyed from an abandoned beer factory.

The artworks of an artist famous for his both bald and bold approach to life and art opened the exhibition. Mr Fang Lijun (方力钧) is one of the most celebrated Beijing artists, and his work has been shown at galleries in Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands and Japan. With his distinctive shaven head and his passion over portraying contemporary artists who are also bald – such as the "father of Chinese rock ‘n’ roll" Cui Jian - he makes the baldness his trademark, and earns himself a nickname "Bald Rascal" ("光头泼皮"). While he’s bald on head, he’s bold in heart – the lines and colours of his artworks are forever confidant, flamboyant and sometimes audacious, and they are constantly shouting and thundering, commanding your attention.

Bald 'n' Bold

This latest exhibition catalogue includes traditional Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings, wood-carved drawings and sculptures, covering the period from 1988 onwards. The highlight of the exhibition is one of his oil paintings that measures 35-metre long and 4 mitres high.

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The Longest & Tallest Cable Bridge
in the World

The bridge

The world’s tallest bridge tower, measuring 300.4m, was complete on Saturday in Nantong, Jiangsu province. Traversing the Yangtze River, it is also the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world with the longest cable stretches 557 m. The total length of the bridge and approaches reach 32.4 kilometres.


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