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Tonight Is a Night with a Perfect Full Moon

6 October 2006

An illustration of ancient Moon Day night party

Tonight the celestial golden mirror of the middle autumn unites the land in a reflective glow, as it is a night with a perfect full moon.

According to the Daoist theory, what happens on earth is a reflection of what happens in heaven. It is believed that the Great Yin the moon governs people’s emotional responses, as opposed to the Great Yang the sun that is in charge of people’s physical aspects, therefore when the moon resumes the fullest shape of the year, people – at least Chinese people - are in the mood for a reunion gathering. And that is what Chinese have been doing for thousands of years: have a family dinner, complete with moon cakes, then take a tour to lantern-decorated streets and gardens, participating in lantern riddle games or poetry contests. As well as – which is a modern addition - watch moon party shows on TV.

Butterfly Exhibition or Butterfly Execution?

Chinese are known for being a hard working and diligent people. But some times some Chinese are just working a bit too hard, which becomes rather destructive, for instance when they keep decorating lawns and streets with empty bottles and plastic bags, volunteering loud talking shows in public spaces. But those acts pale greatly in comparison to what some of the Chinese visitors did at a butterfly exhibition in Jinan, Shandong Province, because in that case the consequence was deadly. When the show started, there were 10,000 lively butterflies, two days later, 8,000 dead, apparently in the busy hands of the visitors.

The exhibition site was virtually transformed into an execution site. No wonder the traumatized show organisers declaimed that the butterfly party was over. Well, at lease for one day.

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6,000-Year Old Building Sites Discovered

Remains of the house pointed at by the red arrow
(Source: xinhuanet)

Chinese archaeologists discovered a large group of building sites in Shaanxi province, and said it proved that as earlier as 6000 years ago people had already begun to leave their cave-dwelling and build houses above ground.

Power to Power-Hungry Shanghai

During a test run on Thursday, hydraulic power generated by the Three Gorges Dam was transmitted to power-hungry Shanghai, the economic powerhouse of China.


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