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After A Truck Rolled over the Boy

18 October 2006

It was on Thursday afternoon, 14th September. When this two and half-year old boy played in front of his home, he was struck by a truck fully loaded with tonnes of sand. The left wheels of the truck rolled over his tiny belly, and the lunch he ate spilled out of his mouth. His belly was as thin as paper.

In the emergency room, the doctors found his intestines and kidney were all flattened, and his lungs and livers had been squeezed aside. But what bewildered the doctors were the fact that they could detect no trace of bleeding or bone fracture, according to the report by Bandaodushibao.

One week later, after several operations, the boy was almost fully recovered and happily returned home, leaving the Western Medicine experts scratching their head in puzzlement.

Boy's grandmother preparing for him to be released from the hospital

Well, there are plenty of things that can not be explained by the Western Medicine which so far largely relies on the autopsy of corpse to understand human body. But human body is a living organism, and after all, the physical aspect is just one part of the whole story about life, as many traditional medicines, including Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine, have long discovered.

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