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Top Ten Food Brands and Iron Chefs

14 October 2006

China now has official top 10 food brands, top 10 restaurant trains and top 10 iron chefs (中华名厨). The lists were compiled by China’s Ministry of Commerce and released on Friday.

Below is the list of top ten Chinese food brands:

  • Quanjude Peking Duck (全聚德), duck dishes, Beijing

  • Guangzhou Banquet (广州酒家), dishes, Guangzhou

  • Terrace of Apricot (杏花楼), cakes and dishes, Shanghai

  • Dog’s Breakfast (狗不理), snack, Tianjin

  • Fish Head (谭鱼头), food, Chengdu

  • Seasoned Taste (知味观), dishes, Hangzhou

  • Leisure Living (陶然居), dishes, Chongqing

  • South of Yangtze (江南餐饮), dishes, Shanxi

  • Great Nurture (大惠), food, Nanjing

  • Prince Soaring Dragon (亢龙太子), dishes, Wuhan

Keep this list handy, so when you go to China these might be the places that you would like to visit, and then after you return home you can boast your seasoned knowledge in your local Chinese restaurants on the authenticity of the Chinese taste. Wouldn’t that be very cool?

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