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Boy lost in Beijing Zoo
Was Found in Shanghai Zoo

11 October 2006

A 4-year old boy with hearing and speech disabilities went to the Beijing zoo with his parents on October 4. After a short while he wandered off and disappeared into the crowd.

His distraught parents immediately reported police and the search was conducted in no time, in the both real world and the virtual world of the Internet.

The online posts about the leads poured in, which had engaged more and more people in the search. 4 days later, the boy was found in a Shanghai zoo.

As for how he went missing in the Beijing zoo then reappeared in the Shanghai zoo, no one can tell. So far, It’s a myth.

Out with Villas, In with Flats

Over the next five year, Shanghai will stop further allocating land for high-end villas and mansions, and the housing projects involving excessively large living areas or extremely low building densities are also likely to be turned down. Instead, it will make the development of economic apartments for middle and low-income earners its priority.

A similar plan has been revealed for Beijing. By 2008, the Chinese capital will complete 110,000 sets of economic flats with total floor area of 8 million sqms.

Guangzhou follows suit and plans to provide the residents with 110,000 sets of affordable units.

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China’s GDP Ranking

China is now the fourth biggest economy in the world according to its GDP, but when average per capita is concerned, with 1703 USD pc. - about 4 percent of that of us and Japan - China only ranks 110th.

As for its future economic development, a senior official with China’s National Development and Reform Commission predicts that in 2010, China could reach 3.2 trillion USD, which means the average per capital would hit 2,400 USD. Still a bit long way to go to catch up with the economically most developed nations.


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