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An Oil Sucker

10 October 2006

It is not about an oil sucker tank, but an oil sucker woman.

Ever since pesticides became widely used on Chinese farmlands, drinking pesticide has replaced hanging and drowning to be the most common method of suicide among village women.

But to this 46-year old lady in northeast China, pesticide is what she washes down her daily meal. Other drinks presented on her dinner table include gasoline and diesel fuel.

With over ten years of hard drinking experience behind her, she can tell one brand of the diesel fuel apart from another by … just drinking it (is that so convenient?). (Source of info and original photo: 《黑龙江日报》)

From Thief to Anti-Thief

There are stories in the West about how Internet hackers are transformed into anti-hacker experts.

It can work for bike thieves too.

A 34-year old Chinese man of Jiangxi Province was a bike thief. And a maestro thief in fact: in three years, he had stolen 600 bikes.

It all started three years ago. He left his old job and was unable to find a new one, and subsequently became a homeless man sleeping in a railway square. It was there he met his theft master. After two days of intensive training, he graduated and soon became a top expert in his chosen profession - using his new inventions, he could open a lock in just two seconds, with the high point of his theft career being the record of stealing 7 bikes within 2 hours. He was dubbed Magic Thief and looked up to by the thieves all over the country.

Yet during eight months in prison, his conscience pained him deeply. Once he was out, he decided to redress past wrongs, and that is how he became a volunteer seminar speaker on anti-theft techniques.

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