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National Heritage Brands

1 October 2006

China’s Ministry of Commerce unveiled on Friday a list of the first group of 434 national heritage brands. These time-honoured brands include the Hall of Compassion (同仁堂 the herbal medicine store in Beijing), Studio Treasure (荣宝斋 the stationary store in Beijing), Scissors Zhang (张小泉剪刀 the scissor products of Hangzhou), Red Maiden Wine (绍兴女儿红酿酒 the wine of Shaoxing), Dog’s Breakfast (狗不理包子 the snack of Tianjing), Figurine Zhang (泥人张 the crafts of Tianjing), Roast Chicken of Dezhou (德州扒鸡 the dish of Shandong) and Dumpling Soup Lai (赖汤圆 the snck of Sichuan).

The Hall of Compassion (同仁堂)

Figurine Zhang (泥人张)

Strangely, the most famous wine in China, the Maotai (茅台), is not in the list.

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