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Shaolin Kung fu
- the Ultimate Martial Arts

November 2005

Shaolin kung fu refers to a certain form of martial arts that was developed by the monks in China’s Shaolin monastery.

Typical Shaolin kung fu involves both inner and outer styles.


The Main Differences between the Inner and Outer Styles:

Outer Inner
  • Hard

  • Visible

  • Stress on developing tangible strength and speed

  • Focus on building up strong bones and muscles

  • Soft

  • Invisible

  • Stress on developing intangible strength and speed

  • Focus on building up strong qi within bones and muscles and organs

Two Major Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu:

Style 1 Style 2

Chiefly practiced by Shaolin monks, such as Great Fist (shaolin hongquan) and One Finger Zen (shaolin yizhichan).

Widely practiced by lay men, such as Arhat Fist (shaolin luohanquan) Guardian Fist (shaolin kanjiaquan), Cannon Fist (paoquan) and Diamond Fist (jingangquan)

Some Basic Principles of Shaolin Kung Fu:

  • Move like wind and stand like nail

  • Physically fierce and mentally calm

  • Show up and hit down

Shaolin's Trademark Kung Fu - One Finger Zen

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