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Martial Arts training Manual for
Shaolin Kung Fu

1 June 2006


Training Manual Part One - Inner Kung Fu
Training Manual Part Two - Outer Kung Fu

Hard Kung Fu training is important for all styles of martial arts. And It comes in many different forms (Golden Bell (金钟罩), Iron Shirt (铁布衫), Diamond Arhat (罗汉金刚功), Ultimate One (浑元功) and Mighty Bucket (桶子劲) just to name a few). Yet according to my master, most of them are derived from a single root named Diamond Armour (also called Foundation of Iron Body), a very ancient Shaolin Hard Kung Fu.

I have practiced Diamond Armour for more than forty years. Now, though getting on in years, age does not affect my Kung Fu prowess. You can let young guys hit me with sticks and poles, and I’ll show you that it can inflict no more harms on me than a spell of gentle wind would bring forth. And If I lift my internal qi from dantian to make a sudden and loud shout, all the sticks and poles would just break into pieces from the impact of the sound. Call it magic, if you like, but the point here is that a genuine Hard Kung Fu like Diamond Armour is not in the same league as crude fisticuffs that mainly relies on your raw physical strength.

Despite its enormous mighty and power, the techniques involved in practicing Diamond Armour are remarkably simple. The following are the details of its training guide.

Step One: Body Massage

1, Preparation:

a) Qi optimisation: Firstly you need to evoke the vital qi to reach every cell in your body. A good way to achieve this is through massage.

b) Posture: Use high horse-standing posture, keep your back straight, your head erected and your jaw relaxed. Your feet cling to the ground with a firm grip, your mouth closed while your teeth biting together with the tip of your tongue against the upper teeth. Look straight ahead.

c) Breath: Breathe slowly, deeply and fully three to five times to refresh your qi.

2, Massage:

a) Place your left hand on your waist, use your right hand to gently massage the left part of your body in a circular motion for 15 – 30 minutes, starting from the area under your lower left ribs and finishing it when you reach your left armpit.

b) Do the same to the right part of your body for another 15 – 30 minutes.

c) Press two hands together with palms facing your abdomen, massage upward in spiral motion until you reach your throat. Do it slowly for 15 minutes.

During massage, try to keep your breathing smooth and deep into your abdomen. Practice it Three times a day, for 49 days.

Step Two: Body Bash

The purpose of this exercise is to enable you to withstand powerful external strikes. Coupled with the secret formula of Bath with the Power of Inner Eye, it can turn your body into a highly resilient and elastic machine, which will protect your from being injured in battles.

1, Bean Bash

a) Make a small training bag, about 40 centimetres long. Choose a strong cotton material and fill the bag with green beans. Seal the both ends with stitches;

b) Lift your qi to fill your head;

c) Hit your head repeatedly with the bag for 30 minutes. Remember: always apply a gentle force in the beginning, and increase its intensity and strength gradually, otherwise you’ll do yourself a grave disservice;

d) Sink your qi to fill your arms and legs;

e) Hit your body repeatedly with the bag, including your abdomen, back, waists, arms, hips and the areas under your ribs. Do it three times a day, and one hour each time. This training can help the qi and blood to flow through all the meridians and accupoints in your body.

2, Rubble Bash

Once you’ve done the above exercise, you can replace the green beans with small rubble or iron grits. And repeat the process illustrated above.

3, Wooden Stick Bash

Once you’ve done the above exercise, you can replace the bag with a wooden stick, and repeat the previous process.

4, Iron Bar Bash

Once you’ve done the above exercise, you can replace the wooden stick with an iron bar, and repeat the previous process.

After three years of intensive training, your body will be as hard as iron ore, and you will not be hurt by knives and swords. When you fight back, with just one blow you can not only break the arms and legs of your opponents but shatter their internal organs. So be extremely careful about what you are doing, or else you might be caught up in a wicked karmic loop.

Appendix: Medicine formula 1: Iron Embryo Pill (铁胎丸)

Function: Activate the qi and blood circulation.

Main Ingredients:

Gensen (人参) 25g
Baishu (白术) 40g
Huangfu (黄芙) 40g
Dancao (干草) 20g
Shengdi (生地) 50g
Chuangiong (川芎) 25g
Baishao (白芍) 20g
Danggui (当归) 40g
Duzhong (杜仲) 40g
Xuduan (续断) 40g
Caoli (藻藜) 25g
Fuling (伏苓) 40g


1, Add liquor to the ingredients and stir in hot pan until a little dry;

2, Pound the ingredients to powder;

3, Roll the power into tiny balls the size of a black bean;

4, Coat the ball with red coloury to form a pill;

5, Store the pills in a jar and tightly close the lid.

Instruction for Use:

Take 12 or 24 (never more than 24) pills before each training session, wash down with boiled water.

Appendix: Medicine formula 2: Golden Body Iron Armour Soup (金身铁甲汤)

Functions: Promote the circulation of the qi, sooth bumps and bruises, and strengthen your bones.


Ruxiang (乳香) 25g
Moyao (没药) 25g
Cangzhi (桑枝) 25g
Youlonggan (忧龙肝) 50g
Diansanqi (滇三七) 15g
Niuhuang (牛黄) 25g
Luodeda (落得打) 25g
Muxiang (木香) 15g
Wujiapi (五加皮) 25g
Xiejie (血竭) 25g
Aiye (艾叶) 15g


1, Extract the juice from the roots of trives;

2, Place all the ingredients in a saucepan, add three bowls of water, bring to boil. Add trive extract and one bowl of white vinegar, mix well;

3, Transfer into an earthen jar, tightly close the lid.

Instruction of Use:

After each session of training, take half bowl of the juice, mix with half bowl of boiled water, apply with cotton pad to your body.


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