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Haunted House

30 July 2006

What kinds of buildings are most likely to be haunted? Here are some clues:

1, A building standing alone in a deserted area where the yang qi is weak due to the lack of human activities hence eclipsed by turbid yin qi that pulls in the yin beings.

2, A building in which someone died a horrific death, such as committing suicide or being murdered. The spirits of the dead often have an awfully tangible and negative attachment to this world.

3, A building densely surrounded by yin vegetation, such as bamboos, peachtrees, banana trees and fig trees, or the walls of a building heavily covered by ivy. These plantations create an environment that is predominantly yin, attracting the dwellers of the yin realm.

4, A building with wrong orientations. According to the Eight Trigrams Feng Shui, northeast and southwest are the places where the so-called Ghost Gates are situated. If your house happens to have its front door to these directions, or sits in the northeast or southwest side of a crossroad, then you are more likely to encounter the yin beings.

5, A building with its ground floor area much smaller than that on the upper floor. Structures like this resemble the shape of a human skull that could draw the things with a similar configuration.

6, A building with too many articles unearthed from burial sites, especially when the true nature of an article is unidentifiable, or when it resembles a human face or figure. These objects often were originally designed to serve as a linkage between people and spirits, and if you have them at your home you are virtually hospitalising those invisible guests.

7, A building with a circular staircase. Ghosts are said to be in favour of anything that has a round shape. If you have a round staircase at home, this area might become a playground for the residents of the yin world.


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