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Great Yin Hills

24 July 2006

A Great Yin Hill - A Metal Hill with very gentle curves

A round hill is considered, in Feng Shui, as a Metal Hill, and the Metal Hills can be further divided into sub-categories: Great Yang (taiyang 太阳), Great Yin (taiyin 太阴) and Military Destroyer (pojun 破军).

When the curve of a Metal Hill is extremely gentle, then it is qualified as a Great Yin Hill. When you have a GYH nearby, especially if it is situated in the northwest or due west directions (the Metal areas), you can expect its positive effect on your career endeavour and business adventure. And the benefit will be more apparent if you work in the following areas:

  • Public service

  • Military service

  • Police and security service

  • Business and trade


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