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Fengshui and Dog

3 December 2006

To some people it seems that their dogs are more prone to illness than that of others. If you have tried everything and fail to address the problem, then you may like to take a look at your home from the feng shui point of view.

Below are some suggestions from feng shui masters, which you may find useful or entertaining.

In Chinese zodiac system, Dog is related to Wu (戌), the eleventh of the twelve Earthly Branches that along with ten Heavenly Terms mark the time and space. A primary earth sign, Wu also contains the trait of Fire, and is associated with northwest direction in space and lunar November as well as 9 to 11 pm in time.

Zodiacs in the Eight Trigrams Chart

The branches that are compatible with Wu the Dog include Yin the Tiger (寅), Wu the Horse (午) and Mao the Rabbit (卯).

Dog and Rabbit make a strong pair though not without friction between them. With Tiger and Horse, Dog form a Fire triangle, in which Tiger with yang Wood traits acts as the source and starting point, Horse with yang Fire traits represents achievement and the peak of the development, while Dog with yang Earth traits concludes the circle and preserves the seed of Fire for the next run.

In the Eight Trigrams chart, Rabbit sits in the due east, Horse stands in the due south, tiger crutches at northeast and Dog poises at the northwest. If the front door of your home opens to these four directions, you shall have a better chance to keep your dogs healthy and happy.

On the other hand, it is believed that if the main entrance of your dwelling faces to southeast or due north, then a little extra care may be needed in order to reduce the risk to the safety and well being of the pets. That is because southeast is under the rule of Dragon and due north is the territory of Ox, both of which do not get along with Dog. However, if you can’t change the door, you may then locate the dog house or puppy pan in the favourable directions mentioned above, and that will still help to improve the situation.

When come to build or purchase a dog pan, the rule of thumb is to avoid the ones made of metal. As Metal sucks Earth qi, your puppies (Earth animal) may have a hard time to keep healthy and grow strong.

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Feng Shui Dog

Though dog is not considered as a lucky symbol from feng shui’s point of view, a proper use of a feng shui charm in the image of a dog sometimes still can work wonders for offsetting some unwanted conditions.

When using it to help improving personal relationships, the most effective location will be northeast, the Dog’s corner in the Eight Trigrams chart. If it is for warding off intrusive energy of theft or robbery, the dog shall be placed by and face the door. Further more, its feng shui power can be strengthened when a Dog charm is made of earth-based material. But if you keep more than one dog charm at home, the positive feng shui effects they produced may cancel each other out. And importantly, you must never let a pair of dog charms guard the door, which, according to feng shui masters, might cause accident.

A note of caution: people who were born in a dragon year may better not to choose dog as their feng shui cure, or it could well be turned into a curse.


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