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Fengshui and Size

21 December 2006

Fengshui, the technology and art created by the ancient Chinese about thousands years ago, is designed to help people living in harmony with environment. Later it spread to other East and Southeast Asian countries, and now it is also practiced in many parts of the West.

While the fengshui method gains more recognition and popularity in the world during the recent decades, our relationships with the environment become more strained than ever. And further alienation is caused by inhabiting high-rise apartments away from our root, the ground, and losing ourselves in huge dwellings.

Some people tend to think the bigger the house the better the life. But from fengshui point of view, more often the opposite is true. A time-honoured fengshui proverb is that "the bigger the house, the less the inhabitants, the worse the luck."

The reason behind this is quite simple. If we consider a person as an air conditioner who continuously emits yang qi to form a desired living field, we can easily understand why when the size of the space increases, the nurturing yang qi in the atmosphere decreases, which leads to a poor living and working environment. On the other hand, if we try to optimise a large field, then we would have to consume more energy, and that could contribute to a poor physical and mental health.

And it is why many ancient Chinese, no matter how noble or rich they were, would avoid to live extravagantly, particularly when the personal living space is concerned.

According to the I Ching theory, the celestial number arises at 1, peaks at 3, declines at 7, terminates at 9 and then re-arises at 1, while the terrestrial number arises at 2, peaks at 4, declines at 6, terminates at 8 and then re-arises at 2. With this in mind, for an ordinary family, when the number of bedrooms is kept between two and four, the household yang qi is believed to be at its best shape.

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A framed bed

The Forbidden City is the biggest palace in the world, but within the palace, the size of the emperor’s bedroom is not much greater than that in ordinary residences. And within the room, the emperor’s bed is further defined by frames and curtains, which helps to best preserve his energy.


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