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Classic Chinese Face Reading
Lip Reading

15 September 2006

Read my lips

Chinese Medicine is one of the practical applications of Daoist philosophies which perceives that all things in the universe are superficial manifestations of the underlying oneness, therefore everything is inter-connected and each part reflects the whole.

When it comes to ailment diagnosis, by merely looking at your lips, an experienced Chinese Medicine doctor would be able to tell what is going on in the other parts of your body.

Here are some clues: (Note: Information here is not meant to substitute for the advice of a health professional)

Healthy lips should look pink, smooth, lustrous and moist. If it changes its appearance, it might well indicate some problems with your internal organs.

  • Upper lip looks dark red or burning dry:
    If accompanied by the symptoms of tight shoulders, offensive mouth odour, throat tightness and ear block, then it could be a sign of a nasty colon disease.

  • Upper lip looks bluish white:
    A sign of a weak, sluggish and cold colon. The symptoms associated with this include abdominal pain, abdominal distension and fullness, diarrhoea and cold shivering.

  • Lower lip look purple red:
    If accompanied by symptoms of stomach pain, heaviness of the body, fullness of the abdominal, hibbup, then it is a sign of a hot stomach.

  • Lower lip look dull white:
    A sign of a weak and cold stomach. It is often accompanied by the symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal chill and stomach pain.

  • Inner lips in deep red:
    A sign of upflaring liver fire, which is associated with irritability and hot-temper, pain under the rib cage and lack of appetite

  • Inner lips in yellow colour:
    A sigh of hepatitis.

  • Lips look flaming red:
    A sign of heartburn. This is often accompanied by symptoms of fever and respiratory infection.

  • Lips in a dull dark colour:
    A sign of digestive system disorder. It is often associated with symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, headache, Insomnia and lack of appetite.

  • Pale lips:
    A sign of blood deficiency and poor blood circulation. It is accompanied by the symptom of coldness in the limb during winter.

  • Dry and Yellow lips:
    A sign of spleen secrete disorder, which often leads to a weak immune system.

  • Purple blue lips:
    A sign of short of oxygen in body or allergic reactions to medication. It is often associated with the symptoms of dark red or light blue complexion, unsease in the chest, chest pain, short of breath or having spots on the tongue.

  • Dry and cracked lips:
    A sign of vitamin b2 deficiency, or heat-toxins in the spleen and stomach with yin deficiencies.

  • Upturned lips:
    A sing of being prone to pancreatitis.

  • Extreme dry lips:
    A sign of a possible digestive system disturbance.

  • Hair growing on the upper lip of women:
    A sign of hormone imbalance and abnormal menstruation.

  • Lower lip puffing out:
    A sign of congenital weak liver and/or problems with bladder. A warning against excessive drink.

  • Red lips with blue streaks:
    A sign of possible heart failure.

  • Upper lip puffing up:
    A sign of allergic reaction.


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