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Classic Chinese Dream Interpretation Dictionary (P-W)

28 April 2006

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A parrot calls someone’s name: a quarrel will break out


  • You and your partner bow to each other: you will say goodbye to each other

  • You’re beaten by your wife: you’ll lose your battle

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Paying Respect

You pay respect to your senior: you will receive help and protection


A peacock enters your premise: you’ll have sudden and abundant good fortune


A phoenix appears: a VIP will lend you a hand

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  • You see lush plants: prosperity for you and your family;

  • Lush plants in the front yard of your house: you will have many things to celebrate;

  • You witness regrowth of withered leaves: your children will have a promising future;

  • You see withered plants or trees: your luck may run out


You are tied up by a rope: your longevity is guaranteed

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You see a prawn transform into a fish: your money luck may turn sour


Your wife is pregnant: your wife could have a secret lover


  • Rain stops and the sun comes out: your problem will be solved;

  • Gale force winds and torrential rain: you may hear news of somebody’s death

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  • Red rainbow: good fortune;

  • Black rainbow: bad luck.


You watch others reading: you’ll raise a gifted child


You witness big flood in a river: you’ll see big flood of wealth come your way

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  • You find money or precious items in the road: you’ll have an easy path to your success

  • You find yourself lying on a road: you’ll be struck by misfortune


You cut something with a scissors: you’ll make more money

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  • You look up into the sky: you can look forward to a great future

  • The sky opens to you: you can expect help from someone in a high position

  • The heaven speaks to you: a great fortune befallen you

  • You fly to the sky: you will rise to a high position


You watch people singing and dancing: you may get involved in a quarrel or a fight

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  • Snake comes into your arms: you’ll be blessed with a gifted child

  • A snake bites you or someone else: you’ll get your financial rewards

  • You witness a snake transforming into a dragon: you can expect help from someone in a high position

  • You see many snakes: you could be tricked or betrayed


  • Snowflakes fall on you: your goal will be achieved

  • Snow falls into your house: you may attend a funeral

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  • A patient cries or laughs: a sick person will soon recover from the illness

  • Someone from afar comes to cry in front of you: you may hear a grave news

  • You hear Inverted Bells tone: you’ll have guest visiting you from afar


  • A star falls into your arms: you are going to have a high-achiever child

  • You hold a star in your hands: you will be rewarded with abundant wealth and high status

  • You witness a star falling from the sky: you are to experience legal troubles or health problems

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  • You hold a pebble in your hand: you can expect a gifted child

  • A solid and stable rock: your fortune will be built on a rock-solid foundation

  • You roll a stone into your house: you drive wealth into your family

  • You lie on a rock: you can enjoy your good luck

Sun and Moon

  • You witness a sunrise or moonrise: you will experience fortune with blessings in your family;

  • A sun rises up into a cloudless sky: you can expect to increase your prosperity without much hassle;

  • Clouds break up and a rising sun appears: the chaos and trouble in your life is to disappear;

  • Sunlight or moonlight shines upon you: you will be promoted into an important high position;

  • Sunlight shines into your room: you can look forward to a major career-development;

  • You pray for the sun or the moon: good fortune will bestow on you;

  • You swallow the sun or the moon: you’ll have a gifted high-achiever child;

  • The sun or the moon falls into your arms: your children’s future is brilliant;

  • The sun or the moon sinks down: you may hear sad news of your parent(s)

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You see a swallow: you’ll have a guest from afar


You’re sweaty: an unfortunate incident may break your back


  • You see someone teaching others: you’ll discover wealth and respect;

  • You see a monk teaching sutra: you’ll be blessed by fortune

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  • You brush your teeth: you are in good health

  • You grow new teeth: your children’s future looks promising

  • You lose a tooth: your parent(s) may be greeted by a misfortune


  • You see or enter a grand temple: your life is to be blessed with healing, joy and renewal;

  • A statue moves when you enter a temple: heavenly blessings are bestowed on you

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You see a new tomb: problems will go away


  • You stand under a tree: you’ll be protected by someone in a higher position;

  • You witness a big tree falling down: your good fortune comes to end


You see a turtle: you’ll see abundant wealth

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You or you see someone distribute umbrellas: a sad separation is underway

Vegetable Garden

You enter a vegetable garden: you enter a field of business success


You vomit: you’ll recover from your illness

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  • You see water spilling out from a boiling pot: you will achieve financial success that is beyond your dream

  • You drink water: you’ll have money luck

  • You keep drinking water: you’ll have a great financial success

  • You or someone walk on water: you’ll have an incredible success

  • You or someone stand still on water: ominous storm clouds are forming


  • You hear wild wind roar: you’ll hear a message from afar

  • You feel wind tug your garment: you may get sick


  • You leisurely stroll through a woods: you’ll recover from your illness

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