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Classic Chinese Dream Interpretation Dictionary (E-O)

28 April 2006

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E - O

Earth Cracking

You observe the earth cracking: a serious health problem may occur


  • You enjoy your meal and drink on the terrace of a gorgeous restaurant: you can expect to enjoy your rising social status and increased wealth

  • You crack seeds: you’ll have a wonderful child

  • You eat well cooked meat: you’ll bring wealth into your family or business

  • You eat raw meat: you’ll have a rough time

  • You eat a big chunk of meat: you may face a lawsuit

  • You eat rotten fruits: you may fall ill

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  • You wash your face and brush your hair: all trouble is gone

  • You see your face in a clear mirror: your future prospect is brilliant

  • You see your face in a dirty mirror: your future prospect is gloomy

  • You see your face in a broken mirror: a relationship will come to an end


  • You witness wildfire on mountains: you’re going to obtain great fame and a high position;

  • You witness big fire burning through your house: you’re going to gain wealth in abundance

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You fight tooth and nail with your partner: you are to have a closer relationship with your partner

You’re beaten: you will receive much needed help

A fight breaks out among family members: a separation is to take place


You catch fishes with fish net: you’ll soon win your own prize

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You distribute flowers to others: an event of separation may occur


You hear frog croak: you will have a quarrel

Front Gate:

  • A front gate swings open automatically: your partner may have an extra marital affairs

  • A front gate is wide open: a great opportunity is wide open for you

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You notice frost descends: you will encounter a setback in your goals


You see ripe fruits on a tree: your children will have a prosperous future


You fight ghost: your longevity will be extended

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  • Sudden greying of your hair: you can expect to live to a ripe old age

  • You wash your hair and move your residence: your recent illness is gone

  • Your hair fall: your children’s welfare will become your big concern


  • You wash your hands and feet: your sickness will be healed

  • Your hand plays a pen: you’ll hear news from afar

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You see a handkerchief: you’ll have a bad quarrel with someone


It’s harvest season: happiness, joy and contentment will dominate your life


You walk uphill: you will recuperate from illness

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  • You see a horse or horses dancing in your courtyard: an impending disaster will not materialise

  • You ride on a galloping horse: you will make an easy and rapid progress

  • You ride on an ambling horse: you make no progress


  • You clear up your house and courtyard: you’ll have guest(s) coming from afar;

  • You enter a dilapidated house: you enter an unfortunate phase in your life;

  • You find no one in a house: you’ll hear news of death;

  • A beam is breaking up: a disaster may strike

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You’re humiliated: you’ll be rewarded with money luck


You find insects on your body: you’re going to recover from your illness


  • You or you see someone kill chicken, duck, goose or pig: you’ll have a happy and abundant life

  • You or you see someone kill sheep: an ominous incident is brewing

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  • You cut yourself with a knife: you’ll triumph, eventually

  • You drop a knife on the floor: you’ll lose money down the drain

  • You watch fireworks: your worry disperses


  • A new kitchen is under construction: your family fortune will increase;

  • You witness clear water flowing in your kitchen: you’ll have an unexpected financial gain;

  • You see a dilapidated kitchen: you’ll hear news of death;

  • You spot fire in kitchen: you’ll have an urgent matter to deal with

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You see bright lights: you have a bright outlook


You’re struck by lightening: you will be struck by good luck


You or you witness someone spread liners: you’ll enjoy a peaceful and stable life

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You hear a lion roar: your fame will spread wide and far

Lounge Hall

  • You enter a magnificent lounge hall: your will obtain high status and material rewards;

  • Lounge floor collapse: you may hear sad news of your mother;

  • Lounge hall collapses: misfortune may strike your family

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A marketplace without a single soul: nothing will be accomplished.


You see money being distributed among family members: you and your partner may split

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  • You or you witness someone play flue or beat drum: a celebration is on the way
  • A music party is taken place in your home: an event of death is impending


You find yourself in a lush orchards: you’ll find yourself opening up to a life of great prosperity and abundance

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