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Classic Chinese Dream Interpretation Dictionary (A-D)

28 April 2006

Duke Zhou, a founder of Zhou Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), is reputed as the one who laid the political and cultural foundation of the Chinese nation.

According to the legend, he initiated the feudalistic system, established the classic rites, created the classic Chinese music, completed the original I Ching and compiled a dream interpretation dictionary "Dreaming of Duke Zhou" (Zhougong Jie Meng).



Temple of Duke Zhou on his tomb site in Shaanxi province, northwest of China

The original temple site

The original temple site nearby was discovered in recent years, with about 700 fragments of oracle bones and inscribed tortoiseshell having been unearthed since.

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A - D


  • You meet your dead ancestor: your family is blessed and protected

  • Your dead ancestor speaks to you: your financial security is assured


You find ants in your bed: you’ll encounter a lot of troubles in your life

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You have a hot argument with your partner: you’ll fall ill


  • Armies enter a city: you’ll see material wealth and social success enter your life

  • Armies lose the battle and retreat: your effort will be futile

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Bandits break into your home: you’ll run short of money


You see a bear or a group of bears: you’ll bear a high-achiever child

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  • You are bleeding: you will earn great rewards

  • A running sore on your hand or leg is bleeding: you can count on a good outcome


  • Your boat passes under a bridge: you are on a safe track towards your goal

  • You ride on a fast-sailing boat: you will be on a fast track to a great financial and social success

  • You ride on a tattered boat or chariot: you’ll suffer a major setback

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  • You’re naked: you’re ready to receive good fortune

  • Your body is stained by shit: you’ll be struck by fortune

Brother and Sister

  • A fight breaks out among brothers or sisters: fortune strikes

  • You go separate way with your brother or sister: you’ll have a bad quarrel with someone

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You see a broken bridge: your path to success is blocked by authorities


  • A cow gives birth to a calf: your wildest dream will come true

  • A cow or a group of cows climb uphill: your good fortune is rising

  • A cattle comes to your home: prosperity and nobility enter your life

  • A buffalo comes to your home: a funeral is to happen

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You witness a welcome ceremony with colourful flags: a rise of social status and wealth level is pronounced


  • A sick person climbs aboard a chariot: that person’s illness will take a turn for worse

  • Your chariot is moving: your undertaking is in a good progress

  • Your chariot is not moving: you’ll go nowhere

  • A chariot wheel has broken: money will be lost

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  • You wear brilliant clothes: your future looks brilliant

  • You are washing or dying garment: you’ve made a good life-changing decision

  • Your garment is torn: your wife is looking for someone else

  • You wear white garment: there could be a conspiracy against you


  • A hen is hatching: your dream is to be materialised

  • You see a chicken on a tree: you’ll have an unexpected money gain

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  • You witness colourful clouds in the sky: you are promised good fortune;

  • Clouds gather from all directions: you are given an auspicious sign of business prosperity;

  • Red or white clouds: good luck;

  • Dark blue clouds: misfortune;

  • Clouds float and travel in the sky: your effort will produce no result:

  • Heavy clouds of rain: there is an underhand scheme around

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  • A dead person is encoffined: you’ll be struck by money luck.

  • A corpse break out of its coffin: You can expect a sudden boost of money luck

  • A coffin is pulled to the surface: a great fortune is coming your way;

Cosmetic Items

You see cosmetic items: you’ll have a beautiful life

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  • You see ripe crops: you’ll be blessed with long lasting abundance

  • You receive crops: you'll receive your fortune

  • You hold crops in your hands: your financial future is secure

  • You’re covered with crops: you will be able to secure your financial future

  • You or you see someone plant vegetable seeds: you can look forward to a healthy long life


You see a crab or crabs: your illness or troubles will vanish

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  • You die or witness someone’s death: a new era of great fortune and success is dawn

  • You kill yourself with a knife: you’ll achieve the goal of your life

  • You’re killed by someone: your goal will be achieved

  • You kill someone: you’ll overcome your rivals

  • The dead comes back to life: you are to receive an important message


  • You repay you debt: you’ll recover from your illness

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Divine Being

  • Divine beings visit your home: you will be rewarded with immense wealth and supreme success

  • You meet divine beings: great prosperity and abundant joy will be brought to your family

  • You talk to divine beings: you’ll find love, fidelity, wealth and nobility in your life.

  • Divine beings are angry with you: you are going to experience the bad consequence of your old mistakes


  • You’re bitten by dog: you’ll suffer misfortune

  • A dog barks at its master: you’ll suffer a big money loss

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  • You see a dragon at your doorway: you’ll enjoy a prosperous and auspicious life

  • Dragon and snake enter your home: money enters your pocket


You’re drunk: you’ll get sick

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