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Seek not beliefs, seek awareness
One Humanity, One Family
– A Message from Confucian (551-479 BC)

30 September 2006

A grand ceremony to commemorate the 2557th anniversary of the birth of Confucian was held Thursday morning (September 28) in the sage’s birthplace Qufu, Shandong Province.

The ceremony was observed by over 7000 people, with 400 from overseas.

In the sound of young students chanting passages of The Analects (《论语》), and the bells intoning in a dignified and measured marching pace, the gate of Confucius Temple slowly swung open, while in a distance, a procession was approaching.

Leading the way in front were nine chariots accompanied by 72 flags in an antiquate fashion, each chariot driven by a pair of young men in traditional costume, which was followed by a large congregation of 2557 representatives. Upon arrival, the delegates filed into the temple through two gates: Gate of Virtue the Heaven and Earth (德牟天地) and Gate of Way the Past and Present (道冠古今). An annual dialogue with the past began.

As all pipe and string instruments broke loose, lauding The Oneness of Heaven and Man, from incensories, perfumed clouds wavered up to the sky. In that symphonic moment, 2557 dignified bodies bent low, marking their deep respect for a devoted promoter of the universal unity and harmony. Then, responding in a time-honoured fashion, a eulogy was enunciated, paying tributes to one of the greatest teachers in history:

“白云舒卧, 紫霞纵横, 红缠杏坛, 绿掩碑亭。
“共缅先师, 追远慎终, 志道据德, 心正意诚。”

"White clouds with purple streaks,
Red altar among green trees …
Herein we review, the master’s teachings,
Closely we follow, the sage’s footsteps."

In the closing melodious statement Let’s Unite under Heaven (《天下大同》), the narrative ground of Chinese tradition was reclaimed.

Kids in traditional Chinese youth costume dancing in ceremony

The echo of the past with a thousands-year old aspiration is loud: When we are one in heart, life on earth could be elegantly simple and content.

One humanity, one family. The legacy of Confucius does not just belong to the Chinese. It belongs to the whole world.

Confucian’s descendant Kong Xiangkai led the chanting of The Analects
(Original photo by: Zhan Xiaodong, People Daily)

It is estimated that there are 2 million descendants of the Confucian living all over the world, with Shandong and Zhejiang being their main settlement areas.

Quotes by Confucian:

得众则得国, 失众则失国.
By gaining the hearts of the people, the territory is gained; by losing the hearts of the people, the territory is lost.

国家不以聚集财富为利益, 而以实行道义为利益.
The prosperity of a state can not be gained through accumulating wealth; it can only be achieved by upholding the righteousness.

道之以死, 齐之以刑, 民免而无耻; 道之以德, 齐之以礼, 有耻且格.
If the people be led by laws, they will try to avoid the punishment with no sense of shame; If the people be led by virtue, they will discern right from wrong.

听讼, 吾犹人也. 必也使无讼乎.
In hearing litigation, I am not wiser than anyone else; but what I am striving to achieve is to cause the people to have no litigation.

不能正其身, 如正人何?
If one cannot rectify himself, what has he to do with rectifying others?

不患无位, 患所以立; 不患莫己知, 求为可知也.
I am not concerned that I have no place but how I may fit myself for one; I am not concerned that I am not known but seek to be worthy of knowing.

己所不欲, 勿施于人.
Not to do to others as you would not wish done to yourself.

夫仁者, 己欲立而立人, 己欲达而达人.
The man of virtue wishing to stand firm himself as well as help others to stand firm; wishing to be succeed as well as help others to success.

Being firm, enduring, simple, and modest, one is near to virtue.

恭近于礼, 远耻辱也.
When one treats others with respect, he keeps far from being disgraced.

君子泰而不骄, 小人骄而不泰.
A supreme man has a dignified ease without pride; a mean man is full of pride without a dignified ease.

知之为知之, 不知为不知, 是知也.
When you know a thing, to acknowledge you know it; when you do not know a thing, to acknowledge you do not know it. And this is knowledge.

学而不思则罔, 思而不学则殆.
Learning without thought is fruitless; thought without leaning is dangerous.

A teacher shall make no distinguish between different social classes among his students.


Confucius Prize

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has issued on September 23 its first annual Confucius Prize to India and Morocco for their outstanding contributions in providing equal opportunities in education for the poor and underprivileged.

The event was part of a ceremony marking the 2,557th Anniversary of Confucian’s birth.

After the award ceremony, Confucian Family Dishes were presented to the guests.

Confucian Family Dishes

China boasts of 8 major style of cuisines: Sichuan, Suzhou, Anhui, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan and Fujian. In Shandong cuisine, Confucian Family Dish is its foremost representative.

Popular CFD include:

Shrimp Cooked with Pine Nut Kenals (松子虾仁)
Fish Cake Cooked with Pine Nut Kenals (松子鱼糕)
Tofu Stewed in Earthen Pot (砂锅豆腐)
Assorted Tofu Dish (一品豆腐)
Quick Stir-fry with Tofu (炒小豆腐)

Candied jujube

Here is a recipe of Hot Candied Golden Jujube (拔 丝 金 枣)


Fat and red jujube 400 g
Hew jelly 75 g
White sugar 150 g


1, Wash jujube, boil in water until soft, transfer to a plate, remove the skin and pit;

2, Cut hew jelly into short chips, insert into jujube;

3, Coat jujube with flour and fry in hot oil;

4, Add oil and white sugar in a hot wok and stir until the sugar turns golden brown. Return jujube to the wok and quick stir to allow an even coating;

5, Transfer jujube to a plate. Ready to serve.


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