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A Chinese Zen Master's Wisdom

March 2013

Zen Master Xuecheng:

When we say "let go", it doesn't mean to adopt an attitude of indifference and apathy, and live a life as a solitary hermit, but to lay down undesirable emotional burdens that obstruct us from progressing further [which is very much like to delete unwanted and even virus-infected files to allow our computer to run fast and smoothly]. Therefore a man who can truly "let go" shall be the one with the strength to engage in all activities that are beneficial to his fellow human beings and a courage to confront all challenges that have the potential to cause serious harms to the common interest of mankind.


Zen Master Xuecheng:

A novice asked his master: What is Bodhisattva's practice? The master replied: Serve the people. The novice asked again: What is the Grand Bodhisattva's practice? The master returned again: Serve the people wholeheartedly.

弟子问师父,什么是菩萨行?师父答:为人民服务。弟子问,什么是大菩萨行? 师父答:全心全意为人民服务。

Zen Master Xuecheng:

The worst thing for a man is not that he falls but that after the fall he is unable to come to his feet again. For those who are courageous and strong, setbacks will only help him achieve even greater success.




A wonderful calligraphic work by a Bo Xilai supporter, which reads:

The mountain will never feel itself too high. Nor will the sea feel itself too deep. When Bo Xilai returns to serve the people, the public support for the government will resume.


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