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A Loud Slap in the Face (1)
of a TV Showman

15 October 2008


I'm still resentful
For being called barbarians.
I carved my hatred
On the handle of my knifes.
In the past, my ancestors
Took over vast territories
From others by force;
In the present, our eight Manchurian tribes
Are all ready
To fight for our lofty positions.
We'll never give up our dreams
To rule the land under the blue skies.

-- by TV showman, Manchu dynasty promoter Yan



This dxxxx scoundrel's behave of glorifying violence, aggression and genocide can only be matched by Japanese right wing group who denies Nanjing massacre.

If we can swallow Yan's praise of Manchu killing [of Hans and other ethnic people] under the pretext of national unity, why can't we as well swallow Japanese denial of Nanjing massacre [under the excuse of world harmony]?

Freedom of speech always has its certain limits. I would like to know if Yan has guts to acclaim Nazi carnage of Jews in Germany or Israel, telling them this was the necessary step for social development and progress.





I would like to reveal a couple of things about Yan.

Yan's great-grandfather belonged to the so-called Ornamented White Flag tribe (a low rank tribe in strictly hierarchical Manchu community). After Manchu dynasty Qing was overthrown, his father changed his ethnic identity to Han and later worked for Japanese army during the WWII and assisted their operation of occupying land of China and killing Chinese people.

There is one thing that Yan hates to be known by others:

When he studied in the United States, he applied research fund for his project called "Golden Ages of Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong." However, his applications were rejected by all six institutions in America and Europe that he approached, and he was told by one of the Sinologist that the eras under Kangxi and Qianlong were not China's golden ages, but the darkest periods in its history.

关于我说阎xxxx, 年轻时丢人丢到国外的证据.

近年来近乎疯子一样无限鼓吹粉饰神化满清历史的阎xx其祖父为熙洽 (1945年被苏军俘虏) 的部下, 其父 (曾经参与抓捕高永久未遂) 是蓬莱日伪军的汉奸维持会长, 45年日本投降后举家四处躲避, 1949年解放后随那个命大而幸运的祖父进北京.

阎xx的祖上是满清汉军镶白旗, 他的父亲在满清灭亡后因为害怕被清算就在民国时改回汉族, 现在他对满人以及满清也有无法言喻的感情, 总是"梦回大清" .


阎xx曾向欧美六所大学兜售"康乾盛世"并申请研究经费时居然全部被拒, 而且还遭到一位美国汉学家的讥讽: "这不是中国的黄金时期,而是最黑暗的时期!"


Now Yan denies what he has said and the mainstream media in China seems to stand by him. When it comes to the words published on Jinbao, Big River net and, they all become selectively blind.



18 October 2005, when asked about literary persecution carried out by Manchu regime Yongzheng, Yan replied: "It was necessary to help stabilising the newly established Manchu reign, so it has positive effects."

5 November 2006, Yan was questioned if it is a war crime when Manchurians raided the Ming villages and kidnapped 970,000 people and cattle, he answered, "To Manchurians, it was great; but to the Han civilians, they lost their loved ones and life stocks, it was sad. Now looking back in the context of the social progress, we can hardly say it's really good or bad."

So we've learned a few things from this television showman:

We can hardly say it's a happy occasion or sad incident when Nazi Germany invaded Poland as it was necessary for Hitler's effort to control the whole Europe.

We can, again, hardly consider it's a happy occasion or sad incident when Japanese troops raped and massacred Chinese in Nanjing, as it was necessary for Japanese soldiers to release their emotional and physical stress during their mission of conquering Asia.



1939年德国突然向波兰发起“闪电式进攻”取得胜利,对于当时新兴的纳粹政权来说当然是喜剧:检验了“闪电战”的威力,为今后的侵略打下了基础;对欧洲乃至世界人民来说肯定是悲剧:妻离子散,家破人亡。历史是在多维中发展的,很难说悲,也很难说喜 --

再比如:日军攻占南京,因为占领的是首都,沉重地打击了敌国的民心士气,而大肆奸淫烧杀,解决了大日本皇军的性欲问题,对于连日苦战的日军来说当然是喜事;对中国人民来说肯定是悲剧:妻离子散,家破人亡。历史是在多维中发展的,很难说悲,也很难说喜 --



I have an advice for some historian-turned-showmen and showwomen on TV program Baijianjiangtan: Please learn to give some basic respect to history. If you play around facts for achieving high rating, you'd better be well prepared to receive more slaps in face.



Yan is just a clown on the stage, the real culprits are behind the curtains.

I would like to ask why they rescheduled the TV talk show and broadcast Yan's episode [that acclaimed Manchu genocide of the Han and other Chinese] during the Beijing Olympics?




The current view on history has shaken the very foundation of Chinese nation. If we don't rectify this trend, when one day China is again invaded by some external forces, I would wonder how many people will stand up and join the resistance movement, as in future they might well be viewed as criminals who hinder the progress of world integration.



Examining history we found when the Han was strong China was strong, when the Han was weak China was weak and in civil wars . We're now at a crossroad: do we want a strong China or a weak China in which the overwhelming majority of Chinese, the Han people, are virtually the second class citizens in their own country?

从中国历史来看,一个强势汉族统治的朝代,往往都是中国强大的时代, 汉族衰弱的时代,往往都是中国衰弱的时代。我们现在面临一个选择:是需要一个强大汉族的中华人民共和国,还是需要一个汉人二等公民的中华人民共和国

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