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A Loud Slap in the Face (1)
of a TV Showman

12 October 2008

Since a television celebrity in China was slapped hard in the face by a young man when promoting his book compiled from his TV talk show, China has received a jolt to its core, with main debate taken place on the biggest Chinese forum The following are the English translation of some messages posted online and their original Chinese text:

陌上桑客 《转帖》:

I'm a Manchu, and in recent years, I'm frequently contacted by other Manchu. I have no idea how they find out my ethnic identity and from where they obtained my contact details. They sent some privately printed materials and CDs to me, and asked me to post the contents on various Chinese forums. They urged me that we Manchus must take advantages of the Government pro-minority policies to get our message across and fight for the revival of the Manchu dynasty. I was also told that I don't need to worry about what the contents are in the materials as they were all written by Manchu experts, and new materials would be passed to me from time to time when they become available. Here are the main points in the materials I received:

  • Glorify Manchu's Qing Dynasty, honour those who helped Manchus to occupy China;

  • Dig dirt on Sun Zhongshan who led the republic revolution that overthrew Manchu's Qing Dynasty, and attack him;

  • Produce a large quantity of films and TV series to praise Qing Dynasty;

  • Attack Han culture until Han people give up theirs and adapt ours;

  • Let's try to join the Party and get promoted in ranks so we will have power to determine Chinese's future direction.

However, I found I couldn't do it, since Han Chinese are such a kind and gentle people; after the Republic Revolution in 1911, they could take revenge against us for the things our ancestors done to theirs, but they didn't, instead, they take special care of us - we are encouraged to participate in politics, allowed to have more than one child, and have lower tertiary entry requirements. My conscience wouldn't allow me to do something so nasty. They return our brutality with kindness, how can I repay their kindness with malice?

我是满族人,但是这几年,我们这个民族的人,好象都成了当年的地下党。他们不知道怎么知道我是满族人(其实我们单位就我一个人是满族),[他们]常常跑来和我联系,并且发给我一些书籍和内部印的小册子,同时[也]还有一些光盘和U盘, 内容都是要我们记住自己是肃x的后代,不是什么炎黄子孙, 祖宗不能乱认; 让我们记住我们永远是满x人; 我们要怀抱复x的雄心壮志; 同时要我们充分利用国家的民族政策和当前宽松和谐的环境,利用互连网的优势,多发帖,制造声势。发帖时[是可以]把书里的内容直接发上去就行了,[还有]更简便的就是把U盘里的内容传上去,同时到各个地方去发,造成一种声势。[其实]u盘里的内容都是由满人的专家写好的,我们只管发就行了,有[由]新的内容他们再通知我。







六,诋毁汉人拍的可能引起他们自豪感和自信心的电影电视剧。如我们前一阵子猛烈攻击过《英雄,夜宴,无极等汉文化电影》。前几天,上面要我们攻击张艺谋的《满城尽带黄金甲》,但是,毕竟这部电影太好了,我真的不忍心去攻击他; 再者,我本人也特别喜欢和崇拜张艺谋这个人,所以我没有下手,为此我还遭到了上面的批评。




I doubt there is such a movement existed. Besides, I would be rather curious to know how to replace Han culture with that of Manchu? What is Manchu culture anyway, apart from pigtail hairdo and a custom to self-address as "your flunky" (奴才)? [They don't even have their own language for heaven‘s sake.]



I believe it's true. Once I visited a Manchu website and found what it promoted were very similar to that described in the post. At the time I had a bad argument with the owner of the website and he even threatened to attack me in real life. I informed cyber police, but never get a response from them.



I'd lived in Changshun (the capital of the puppet Manchu Kingdom created by Japanese during the WWII) for 18 years, yet never knew anything about Manchu kingdom or state. Don't take me as an ignorant fool - I'm the top 100 in our province in the tertiary entry exam; besides, my mother's parents are authentic Manchus (they changed back to their Manchu identities during the Cultural Revolution years). To be honest, you can hardly distinguish the Hans and Manchus here in Changchun.

I remember during my college years, one day we heard a news that some guys were trying to stir up independence sentiment among Uyghurs, Tibetans, Mongols and Manchus, we all laughed off our head. Don't know about others, but we'd never heard anyone from the northeast provinces wanted independence. I'm sure there must be some extremists out there, and I suspect most of them could be incited and supported by the forces hostile to China.

As for that Old Flunkey Yan, he shouts his message of extremism on CXAX, and does it daily, I’m not surprised to see him to be slapped hard in the face by someone. Tell you what, even I, a half Manchu, can not stand him praising the darkest and most revolting episode in Chinese history. This guy deserves to be beaten, he has asked for it.


大学的时候,我们东北的同学一听到什么要分裂中国,策反新疆西藏内蒙满洲,我们就笑喷了。别的不知道,在东北从来没人讲过满[族]人要求独立的。极端的人肯定有, 估计多半都是极端分子和真正的敌国特务吧。至于阎老狗这样的天天在CXAX叫嚣的不被打就奇怪了,我半个满族血统都看不下去了,拿中国历史(不包含当代史)里最奥灶不堪的一段来歌功颂德,丫不是没事找抽型[形]的吗


Folks, when you have time, please have a look at the extremists' websites: 东x满x在线,满xx临时xx,xx满x. Can't believe the authorities would do nothing about it. What a pain!

各位,有空去网上搜一下以下几个论坛: 东x满x在线,满xx临时xx,xx满x。国家为什么能坐视不管?真痛心!


It speaks volumes when you see Old Freak Yan howling on China's central television on daily basis. Surely you wouldn't think any body can just go to talk on Cxxx? What's more, he was even bold enough to promote his book which praises the Qing Dynasty at a city that suffered the most in the Manchus' genocidal massacre - this is a spit in the face of the victims. But he dared to do so, he must have a very special backing out there.

腌老家伙能天天在CXTX里叫嚣, 这就已经说明有很大问题了。CXTX是什么地方呀, 是随便哪个都能天天上去叫嚣的吗??????????????。而且腌老家伙偏偏要跑到当年[被]屠杀最惨重的地方做宣传, 分明是挑衅啦, 关键是腌老家伙有这个狗胆, 有恃无恐, 更加说明TA有很大的后台在背后撑腰


Why Yan is allowed to keep yapping yapping yapping about Manchu dynasty, while Professor Mao Peiqi's Ming history talk was cut short?



Because ... the CXAX seems to be reserved for Manchu's special mission somehow.



That TV talk show's producer is a Manchu, another producer is also a Manchu. Is this just a coincidence?



Put this way, it is precisely because of those people who have tried so hard to slam the Han civilisation through insulting our national heroes and honouring the traitors who brought the terrible disasters to China, the Han spirit eventually wakes up.

Take myself. Before 2000, I only knew I am Chinese, and that's all. Now I also realise I'm a proud Han Chinese with 5000 years of brilliant history behind. I become aware that Han is Huaxia (华夏), Huaxia is the core of China, and when the Han is strong China will be strong, when the Han is weak China will be split apart .

I'm not in the minority and the number of people like me grows rapidly in the recent few years. Those remnants of the Manchu Qing are not wise enough to understand that if something is basically rubbish, they'd better to sweep it under the carpet, as the harder they praise it, the more people would be able to see how filthy it actually is. So I would kindly advice them, keep producing dramas applauding Qing Dynasty, and keep insulting the Han people, by doing so, you're digging your own tombs.

这么说吧, 现在唤醒汉族自尊和大汉主义的不是别的东西, 正是这十多年来满天飞的否定汉族, 虚无化汉族, 到处都是皇上吉祥, 皇上圣明, 奴才该死之类的辩子戏, 最后发展到施悢成英雄, 岳飞文天祥成抵抗历史潮流的败类这样一个是非全无的局面. 正是这样的局面反而教育了许多人, 反而让许多以前意识不到自己是汉族的人意识到了自己的民族和民族观念.

就拿我来说, 可以说公元2000年前我几乎完全没意识过自己什么族, 我就觉得自己是中国人. 但是现在, 我意识到自己是汉人, 是光辉灿烂的汉人, 是传承中国五千年文化的汉族中的一员. 我还意识到并确信汉即华夏, 华夏即中国; 我相信汉族强则中国强, 汉族弱则中国混乱分裂.

最后, 象我这样的人不在少数, 并且可以说这几年越来越多. 那些满清的遗老遗少想要鼓吹他们的烂布, 却没有想过, 大多数人是有智力, 有思考能力的. 本来就是垃圾的东西, 你们越鼓吹, 人们越怀疑. 你们继续鼓吹吧, 继续去幻想能颠覆吧, 继续去把持话语权吧, 继续去拍那些鞑子戏吧, 你们越这样做, 无非就是越在卖力的给自己掘墓而已.


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Stand up to be one's own master,
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Or kneel down to be bandits' flunky, like China had become under the crude and cruel reign of a flunkey cultured Manchu ruling group



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