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Wenchuan County
- The Centre of Sichuan Earthquake

14 May 2008

Before Earthquake:

It was a beautiful small county bordering to Qingzang high plateau in the northwest of Sichuan province. According to the statistics by the end of last year, it has a total population of 100,000 in its 13 townships, including Weizhou (威州镇) with over 30,000 people, Miansi (卧龙镇) more than 8,000, Yinxui (映秀镇) 6,600, Wolong (卧龙镇, where giant pandas live) nearly 3,000, Xiukou (漩口镇) 15,000, Shuimo (水磨镇) about 12,000, Longxi (龙溪乡) over 5,000, Keku (克枯乡) 3,700, Yanman (雁门乡) a little below 7,000, Caopo (草坡乡) more than 4,200, Yinxing (银杏乡) nearly 3,000, Genda (耿达乡) around 2,800 and Sanjiang (三江乡) up to 4,000 residents.

Earthquake struck at 2:28pm on 12 May

After Earthquake:

Of 13 townships in Wenchuan county, there are three that are hit particularly hard with all communications cut off from the outside world, until a local in Yinxiu used his laptop to post the images taken by mobile cameras onto the Internet. But soon after that, the communication lost again and no one knows their ultimate fate.

3 hours after the earthquake, a local carries his injured girlfriend to safety

Residents in Dujiangyan (都江堰) city in Chengdu plateau near the earthquake centre stay overnight on streets

In the deep night about 11pm on 12 May, up to a thousand Chengdu residents stand in a hundred-metre long queue on Chunxi Road waiting to donate their blood to save the earthquake victims.


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A Divine Warning by Mortals

Typical earthquake clouds

On Baidu forum, there is a short message posted by a Chinese Netizen with IP ID 222.132.211 at 7:54pm on May 9, 2008, three days before the powerful earthquake struck Sichuan:



At 19:15pm, I saw earthquake clouds in the sky, wonder in which area an earthquake above 6 magnitude will occur in this couple of days.

Two and half days late at 2:28pm on 12 May, an earthquake at 7.8 magnitude shocked the whole nation.

A high school student works hard to keep his trapped school mate alive

China's police and military forces once again on the frontline of rescuing the survivors.



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