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Fire on the Roof

11 May 2008

A Chinese torch bearer ascends his way along cliffedge

Nothing can stop Chinese from bringing the sacred flame of peace and hope to the top of the world.


19 Chinese crowded the tip of the planet.

Wow, I'm on the top of the world!

Chinese national and Olympic flags on the rooftop of the earth

A beam of light from heaven

Beijing Olympics is blessed

When on 8 May 20 Beijing Olympic torch bearers reached the summit of the Everest, 8,844.43 m from sea level, a rainbow appeared in the sky to greet the warriors.

(Source of photos: 格桑达瓦, 罗布占堆, 罗申, 新华社)

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Chinese Spirit:
One World One Family

Let's pray for the cyclone victims in Burma

It is reported that there are 2 million Chinese descendents in Burma and most have been affected in one way or other by the cyclone disaster. But many of them have done their best to help the nation to overcome the catastrophe with their solid actions, not empty words.

One Burma-Chinese businessman handed out rice to hungry crowds with estimated value at 350 million yuans (about $58 million AUD).

(Source of info: 星岛网讯)


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