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A Bad Karma
to a Cold and Hard Stone

29 May 2008

The true face of Sharon Stone without make-up
A Face that is full of hatred for one in every five people on earth


A stone-faced Stone faces the bad karma that she has generated through dancing happily on other people's graves and by commenting the massive earthquake in China's Tibetan self-autonomy region Aba, in which tens thousands of ethnic Han, Qiang, Tibetan Chinese perished, as "interesting".

Chinese cinemas in the mainland declared on 27 May that they will boycott any films featuring Sharon Stone. In Shanghai, many stores have already taken all her media products off the shelf.

A great number of Chinese have also pledged that they will never watch any of her films nor purchase any products promoted by her, which include 迪奥 (Dior) and 路威酩轩香水化妆品.

Go, go, Chinese, say NO to neo-Fascist and her guru master

Her Guru Master's teaching on how to make a blackmail: If you don't ... (here you can fill in any wishes that you wish to fulfil), I'll go violent ... again.

东方不败: 西方是俺滴靠山。

欲悲闻鬼叫, 我哭豺狼笑。
洒泪祭雄杰, 扬眉剑出鞘。

Full List of the Products Promoted by Sharon Stone

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy (路易威登集团), including Celine
Michael Kors-US 瑟琳
Moët&Chandon 酩轩香槟
Hennesy 轩尼诗
Marc Jacobs 马克•雅各布斯
Guerlain 娇兰 (Cosmetics and skin care 化妆品及护肤产品)
Bliss 百丽丝 (Cosmetics and skin care 化妆品及护肤产品)
Fresh 美容专门店 (Cosmetics and skin care 化妆品及护肤产品)
Donna Karen 唐娜凯伦 (fashion 时装
KENZO (高田贤三)
TAG Heuer 豪雅 (watch 手表)
Zenith 先力 (watch 手表)
Ebel 玉宝 (watch 手表)
Chaumet 舒维 (Jewellery 珠宝)
Givenchy 纪梵希 (watch 手表)
Louis Vuitton 路易·威登 (perfume 香水)
Christian Dior 克里斯汀•迪奥 (fashion 女装及皮具
Fred 法兰 (Jewellery 珠宝)
LOEWE 罗威(leather products 皮革精品)
Calvin Klein 卡尔文•克莱恩 (fashion 时装)
Porsche Design 保时捷设计公司
Fendi 芬迪 (fashion 高品质毛皮制品及经营针织服装)
Acqua di Parma (Perfume 香水)
Make Up For Ever 菲莉西亚 (Cosmatics 尚彩妆)
BeneFit Cosmetics (Cosmetics and skin care 化妆品及护肤产品)

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Chinese Ethnic Tibetan Women Today

When three quake relief helicopters brought 26 tents, 200 quilts and 400 sets of clothing to a Tibetan village in a remote mountainous area, the villagers put on their best clothes to welcome the rescuers. A woman made a deep bow to her heroes, the PLA.

Chinese Ethnic Tibetan Women under the Dalai Lama's Rule

Dalai Lama's women slaves

A Lama's ritual drum made of the skin of a Tibetan girl.


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