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天籁不喧, 大爱无声
The Greatest Love Is Silent

18 May 2008

Mothers in the Disaster

When rescuers found her, she was already dead. She was crashed to death by a collapsed house. Through the gaps among rubble, the rescuers could see her strange posture: she was laying face down with her back arched high, as if an ancient Chinese man paying his respect to his seniors.

However she was not expressing tribute to her seniors, but paying the price with her life to save her junior.

Under her arched body, a few-month old baby neatly wrapped in a little quilt was discovered. The infant was not injured at all, and when he was found, he was quietly asleep. Within the warp, there was a cell phone, and on the screen of the phone, there was a message that read: "My baby, if you can survive, remember, I love you."

"Help, there is a child here!", a mother on her knees cried when she spotted rescue troops. She had been there with her child trapped in rubble for 50 hours.

The rescuers rushed to her side with the equipments, but despite their great effort, little progress was made.

The mother cried again, and said to the rescuers, "You've already done you best, it's too difficult to get him out. There are more children over there, go there to save them first, please."

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Kids in the Disaster

The parents of 11-year old boy Ji Wan (吉万) were migrant workers in other cities when the quake stroke. He and his 3 -year old sister had to flee their village.

All those travelled with them were old men and old women, so the little boy took the responsibility and acted as if he were a big man. He carried his sister on his back all the way for 12 hours until they reached a disaster relief centre.

(Info and photo by 严亮摄)

Shortly after this young girl named Kang Jie (康洁) was rescued to a hospital and received an operation on her injured leg, she pled the doctors and nurses not to spend too much time on her. There are too many other kids needed your attention, please go, she reportedly told them.


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