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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (7)
When Dalai Lama Says: "I'm Just a Monk"

3 May 2008

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The self-exile of the 14th Dalai Lama has somehow placed him on the world stage of politics. During half a century, he has attracted a large number of followers among the unsuspected Westerners, and his tireless work pace to promote Lamaism shows no sign of slowing down.

Is his real aim just to return to and regain his control over Tibet? If so, why doesn't he adopt a realistic attitude towards a practical solution to the Tibet issue when dialoguing with Chinese government?

A more plausible answer seems to lie elsewhere as all his campaigns for Tibet looks more like smoke guns than anything else. It is reasonable to conclude that Dalai Lama's true target is not Tibet, which explains why at the talks with Chinese government he is consistently insincere.

Then what is the real aim of his political and rebellious struggle?

When Dalai lama says with a broad smile, “I am from Himalayas, I’m just a monk”, how should we comprehend the true meanings of his message? Remember that reverse principle? If the filthiest could become the purest, the most amoral could become the most virtuous, surly, the poorest monk with empty hands has no problem to be transformed into a supreme ruler of the world with his unchallenged power extended globally.

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