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True Compassion Has No Border

24 May 2008

Beautiful Yuan Wenting (袁文婷) was only 20-year old and taught grade one at Minzhuzhongxin Primary when the earthquake struck. The kids in her class were too young to comprehend the grave situation and too terrified to run, so Yuan carried them flown to the open one by one. When she tried to get the last child, the building collapsed, and she never comes out of the building alive again.

During the violent quake, Wu Zhonghong (吴忠洪), a teacher at Huaiyuanzhen High, held up the door that was about to fall to allow the students running out of the room. When made roll call on the playground, he found two students missing, thus courageously dashed back into the crumbled building to search for the kids. Later his body was discovered in the rubble, and under his body, it was the bodies of the two missing students.

When the earthquake shook the building, young teacher Wang Zhouming (王周明) calmly guided his students to evacuate. At the fateful moment when the building fell apart, he leapt forward to shove a girl out the door while he himself was struck down by a huge beam. His skull was fractured and he died immediately.

Tan Qianqui (谭千秋), the school master at Dongqi High, was found dead with his arms spread wide covering a desk. Under the desk, there were four children, all survived the ordeal.

Tang Hong (唐鸿) was a dance teacher, young and full of life. On May 12th afternoon, she was busily arranging her students to prepare Children's Day show. When the earth shuddered, she dashed forward, push her students into a corner and covered them with her own body. She died, but three girls in her arms were saved.

Her name is Xiang Jian (向倩), newly graduated and worked as an English teacher AT Longju Primary School. When the earthquake rocked the building, she dragged two students, who were rendered immobilized by the disaster, to flee the shaking building. Yet before they reached the gate, the walls fell down on them. When the rescuers eventually found her, they saw her body being snapped into three sections, yet her arms still holding tight her students.

Later her father, a vice-principal at another primary school, learned the news of his daughter's heroic death and was heartbreaking. But he said, firmly, "I can understand, as a teacher, she did what she should do."

From the rubble of a collapsed building, the rescuers found a man and a woman holding each other's arms that formed a protective shelter for a little girl about 3 years of age. The pair were killed by the falling roof but the girl was not hurt. When China was moved to tears by the great love of her parents who sacrificed their lives to save their child, the truth behind the story has further touched the heart of the nation: the girl's parents have returned to Sichuan from Guangzhou to search for the toddler. Now the question is who are the deceased man and woman in the rubble that have given their lives to protect someone else's child.

(Sources of original photos and info: 重庆晨报, 新华网 +)

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When A Nation United by Compassion

At 2:28pm Monday, 19 May, China stood still in silence for three minutes. Later, it is found that during that national mourning period, the Google China's search log displayed a near zero record, a testimony to a nation that is united in grief and by compassion.

A Nation Resurrects by Facing up Challenges

Chinese Premier returned to the quake shattered disaster area in Sichuan and visited a school. He handwrote an ancient Chinese proverb on the blackboard that reads: challenges and calamities can only help a nation to resurrect.

The havoc orchestrated by the international Gang of Four - the United States (Wang Hongwen 王洪文?), Britain (Jiang Qing 江青?), Germany (Zhang Chunqiao 张春桥?) and France (Yao Wenyuan 姚文元?) - and the devastations associated with the natural disasters have made 2008 a turning point where the world discovers one China with one aspiration.


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