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The Greatest Benevolence Is Like Water

18 May 2008


A man with the greatest benevolence is like that of water which benefits all things while competes with nothing, and is willing to flow to the lowest point where everyone tries to leave behind.

In so doing he is near the way of Dao.

-- Laotze, Daodejing (《道德经》)

A boy gives a military hand salute to his rescuers, Uncles the PLA

A few-month old baby who was found from the rubble next to its deceased mother curiously scrutinises the face of a Chinese solider who saved it

Baby: To be honest, are you really my mum, how come you look a bit different.

(Photo by Garnet)

Police woman Jiang Xiaojuan (蒋小娟) working at the disaster relief centre in Jiangyou County (江油县) in Sichuan leaves her 6-month old baby under granny's care and breastfeeds babies who have lost their mommies.

In China's south tip Guizhou, over ten thousands of mothers come to town hall to put their names down as potential adopters of children orphaned by quake.


A man with the greatest benevolence is like that of water which benefits all things while competes with nothing; through the virtue of humility it contains all waters and becomes the lord of rivers. In this world, nothing is softer than water, yet nothing can conquer water, and that is the advantage of being soft.

Like the formless water that is able to penetrate and fill everything, a wordless preach can be understood and accepted by everyone.

-- Laotze, Daodejing (《道德经》)

Twin Act
1+1 = 11

When two most powerful, compassionate and intelligent men in China united as one and tirelessly work for the ultimate interest of the nation, and when they are widely supported by their people, you know China can not be defeated.

Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao when Hu was not yet president and Wen was not yet premier

Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao as China's president and premier

Can you tell who Hu is, and where Wen sits?

Roaster workers - 'now it's my shift on the frontline mate,' says Chinese president to Chinese premier, and shake, shake, shake the hands

Hu arrives in quake disaster area on 16 May to take over the position from Wen as field commander of the relief forces

Chinese President Hu goes into the centre of the earthquake to talk to the victims

Chinese Premier Wen with quake victims

(Source of info and photos: 绵阳晚报杨卫华, 新华社 - 鞠鹏, 李晓果, 杨俊江; cnsphoto; 贵州日报, +)

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