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Western Media on Tibet Riot

20 March 2008

Following are just few examples of how the main stream of the Western media report on Tibet Riot:

Be Brutal 'n' Cruel:

This shot was taken in India, showing Indian riot force march through the city, but in MSBBC, it becomes Chinese riot police march through Kangding in Sichuan

Washington Propaganda:

This shot was taken in Nepal, showing the local police vs migrant Tibetan protests, but in Washington Post, the image was posted as Chinese police beat Tibetan civilians

Time Again:

This shot was taken in katmandu, showing Nepal police vs Tibetan protest, but in an American newspaper, the time and place of the incident has been shifted to last weekend in Tibet

Fixed News:

This shot was taken in India, showing Indian police vs violent Tibetan protests, but in Fox News, it has been fixed into the evidence about how Violent Chinese police handle peaceful Tibetan protests

The real image:

This is real Chinese police who stand still watching the street with clubs (not machine guns as the US or UK troops would have in Iraq) in hands

(Source: by 红色系 [布衣],

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Baby: Will that spell the begriming of the end of the Western media rule in the world? Among Chinese, yeah, how many people will believe their reports again!


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