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Overseas Chinese Netizens' Views
on Lhasa Riot

16 March 2008

Thread #1:

That bxxxx at CNN was once again first to jump out attacking China, pity this time she was too stupid to get it right - when showing a video clip of Indian troops containing the violent Tibetan protesters, she said those were Chinese troops. Good on her, now let’s go to Indian Embassy protesting against their invasion of Chinese territory. If the world questions our claim, we can always show them her report as evidence. They may then learn a lesson that they shall not make too much bullshit.

CNN这个bxxxx这次又是第一个冲在最前面编造谎言, 可惜这次他们太失策了, 竟然把印度的军队说成中国军队了. 那我们就将错就错, 大家到各自国家的印度大使馆门前抗议印度侵略中国西藏, 越激动越好, 到时候如果他们问你们怎么知道印度侵略中国, 就把cnn那段新闻给放出来, 看他们以后还敢乱放屁.

  • This is the testimony showing how CNN is dying to see Chinese culture and China itself to be destroyed.
    - krint

  • Whatever Chinese do, some Westerners can always find fault in it. The leaders of China should stand up to them.
    就是这点麻烦, 左右都是那帮xx. 我觉得关键还是看领导人魄力.
    - 黑彪

  • I feel there is a problem with China's PR policy, internally too rigid, externally too soft.
    - krint

  • I saw that report, I remember I wondered at the time how come these Americans could not even tell the difference between Chinese and Indians.
    我看见了那报道, 我还想xx怎么连中国人和xx都分不清楚.
    - jimjim1204

  • I watched that news too, I was speechless, I still have no speech.
    - aison

Thread #2:

It seems the police in Lhasa have no guns with them, they just carry clubs.

Their equipments are out of dated, that's why those mobs are not afraid of them. It's hard for the police to do their job.
装备太落后, 中国很多警察都没配枪, 所以很多人不怕警察, 执法难啊!

The Western countries wish our police can open fire, pity they use clubs only.
西方国家现在就希望我们开枪, 我们偏偏用棒子.

In less than a day, the death toll according to the Western media has climbed from 10 to a thousand, and they say this is still a conservative estimate - the Western Analysts are much crueller than Chinese armies. Those dead are actually innocent onlookers, but in their reports they become protect ers. They are yet to call for Olympics boycott, only because they are still waiting to hear the gun short.
不到一天,死亡人数已从10人吹到了千人,而且是保守估计 - 国外的分析家比中国军人残忍多了. 而且死的是无辜群众,在他们嘴里却变成了示威者. 国外媒体没有高呼抵制奥运, 只是因为看不到开枪.

What a disappointment to the so-called peace-loving and democracy-promoting Western media and those behind.

I reckon some Americans and Europeans are burning incense right now praying for Chinese army to open fires. It‘s very likely they‘ve already drafted the news reports and wait for that bloody moment to come.
估计美国人欧洲人现在求神拜佛想军队开枪哈哈. 说不定新闻稿都写好了就等着血腥的开始.


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A Violent Peace Movement

About 40 noisy pro-Tibetan independence protesters gathered at Chinese consulate in Sydney on Saturday, according to the reports by local media.

The crowd was so excited as some of the members violently broke into the consulate grounds for several minutes.

It was during this excitement that a plain-clothed Asian police officer was spat on, pushed and shoved and hit on the head with protest signs by the mob. He had to retreated to a car while firing capsicum spray back at his attackers. Other officers used batons to struggled with the screaming mob. Eventually seven arrests were made.

One of the violent protesters named Lobsang Lungtok later told police that they physically attacked the Asian officer because they thought he was from the Chinese Consulate.

Well, this might speak volumes about their peace movement.

A Free Tibet

Ever wonder when and why it happened?

Dalai Lama's Words

In 1953, Dalai Lama penned an article in which he states:

Tibetan is one of the oldest ethnic groups in China. Since Tibetan people returned to the big family (China), along with other ethnic brothers, we enjoy fully the rights of freedom and equality.


In 1954, when Dalai Lama went to Beijing to meet Chairman Mao, he further inscribed on his present with the following verse:

Great Chairman Mao,
Shines like sunlight.
Brightens all ethnics,
With no end.
Who dare to invade,
We'll let them be destroyed,
Defend peace and happiness,
And bliss in our homeland.


Hi, you holiness, I can't recall you ever said that? Can you?


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